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'Can Con' Sydney meet 10/07 Unique Melody, i-enjoy.com.au, Jaben Australia, Twisted Cables & Krispy Kables to join us~ Major prize giveaway by Jaben Aus~

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  1. pkwak
    okay, is everyone ok for 5th or 26th (sunday) of june?
  2. svyr

    don't mind either of those too.
  3. pkwak
    Guys, we seriously need to bolster our number~ Those that are coming and not yet informed us, can let us know? Also, if you know others that might be interested, can you ask them? ^ ^;;  I really want to sample the UM iems and want this meet to happen~
  4. svyr
    relax, they'll turn up. You can also look through the previous meets and PM either the people attendees or the organizer who can then spam people with emails about 'can haz new meet plz kthxbai' :wink:
    Although technically that'd make you the new organizer :D

    We also need to be thinking about where (suburb, venue)
  5. pkwak
    Oh no, I do not mind being an organise or part of organiser in the future, but as of now I lack knowledge or the experience to organise anything. I did contact John who brilliantly orgainsed Bluemountain meet last July and he did offer help and gave me helpful points to consider but I still do find organising a meet difficult. 
  6. pkwak
    However, I do have a grand dream that one day Australia too will have our own Can Jam~~ And this could be the start. With Unique Melody joining us now and who knows, in the future, other manufacturers can join us too. But for that to happen in the future, I believe we need to build a large list of dedicated supporters who are pioneers, interested and would attend and support the meet.
    Sorry, got carried away. Wishful thinking, I guess.
  7. pkwak
    As to venue, I noticed that earlier you had one a UNSW. Do Uni lend rooms for free? What were the procedures involved. I am currently attending UTS and if Unis do allow students to hire a room, I will see if it is possible to borrow a large room to cater us. How big do a room need to be? What requirement do I have to take into consideration when booking a room? Do anyone also know any manufacturer who would be interested in joining us to showcase their product?
  8. svyr

    pretty sure they leasehire (at least my VIC one did) unless you have 'connections' :D size depends on the number of intended attendees. You need enough power points/a room with tables/chairs if people bring lots of amps (as in at least one power point per table, since people will bring extension cables and power boards). Other than that YMMV - probably want close parking or pub transport and not a lot of stairs just in case.

    Would be good if we don't blow the fuses either :D (though it's doubtful since amps are generally < 30-50w and aren't kettles)

    The only other local firm I can think of ATM is burson audio. Maybe they can bring a 160D and 160. Or the new 160D-160 = just a dac thing if they ended up releasing it.
  9. mitos
    I think they(universities) allow hiring of function rooms. I'll see how Macquaire Uni sets it's rooms on non- uni related functions. I'm willing to pitch in some funds.
    Other than that, I'll expect, Unique Melody will probably only come if there's a significant amount of confirmed attendees. Maybe, >25+
    I don't know too many mates that are into headphones, maybe 3 or 4 personally. Or which 2 have T1s and 1 has K702s. I'll see if they express any interest.
    In the meantime, it's best that we promote throughout the forum, in the member's lounge and via PMs.
    As an added incentive for UM IEMS to come to the Sydney meet, I'll will use UM IEMs as my Facebook Display Image for One(1) month and try to promote their products on my facebook for that one month, the latter,  discrete to humble opinion.
  10. joneeboi Contributor
    I'll be in Sydney between May 29 and 31. Is there no chance? :frowning2: I'll be in Australia for two weeks starting on May 29, so I'd like to be able to meet up with at least some head-fiers if possible.
  11. svyr
    >I think they(universities) allow hiring of function rooms.

    ops, meant to say hire, not lease in my post above :D ...

    Other previous melb meets have been in church venues.

    >As an added incentive for UM IEMS to come to the Sydney meet, I'll will use UM IEMs as my Facebook Display Image for One(1) month and try to promote their products on my facebook for that one month, the latter, discrete to humble opinion.

    UM-AUS's Matt is probably going to be very amused with the facebook thing. Wonder what he'll say :D.

    Look, don't stress about it yet, generally, the number of people who can come increases before the meet itself, as more people can reliably tell you whether they're coming or not (and a lot of those people would be somewhere on easter holidays not concerned with meets now :D), and the activity in the thread increases from people discussing who's going to bring what,etc. For UM it's a nice chance to meet the local head-fiers and/or some of the likely future clients.
  12. commanderkeen88
    I'm good with both days. 26th works better for me.
    k702 and maverick d1 just like last year.
  13. pkwak


    Hi, sorry about late reply to your message, but we have just been flatout in regards to the venue for the meet and were not ignoring your post~ We would love to have you join us for the meet but let us first figure out about the venue and when it is available and we will see if we can accommodate you. At present, we are not even sure about the date because we have not venue. =(
    Where is Alberta by the way? Not so knowledgeable in geography. And welcome to Australia.~
  14. joneeboi Contributor
    Hey, I appreciate the consideration anyways. If that doesn't work, I'll maybe message individual members. I don't expect you to prioritize me, but I figure since I'm in the neighbourhood, I might as well try to make it to a meet. I organized the first meets in Alberta, and the movement seems to have taken off on its own (organizing is such a headache). We've had meets mostly in the University, some being room rentals, some just uses of empty lecture theatres. We rented a room in a library, as well as a very generous headphone shop, The Gramophone. Worse comes to worse, you can host it at a generous member's home as I'm sure most people would be willing to cram into even tiny apartments just to be able to talk freely about audio with fellow head-fiers. I'm still working out my itinerary for Australia, but I may be able to make it to Sydney as early as June 6 until June 12 when I fly out. I hope things work out.
  15. pkwak
    Wow, Canada. That is far away~ 16 hour flight or something?
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