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'Can Con' Sydney meet 10/07 Unique Melody, i-enjoy.com.au, Jaben Australia, Twisted Cables & Krispy Kables to join us~ Major prize giveaway by Jaben Aus~

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  1. juzmister
    Homebush is a pretty big mission for me, i'll try to make it though!
  2. pkwak

    Why is it a big mission for you juzmister? is it transport? I am sure we can all car pool and organise something to cater for everyone closer to the date. That is why I am putting down the suburb/area that people live in.

  3. pkwak

    Welcome Dentian~ Thanks alot man~

  4. pkwak
    Guys~ can we brainstorm as to how to promote our meet? Is there other forums for australian audiophiles that you know of? I want at least 50 people attending~
  5. pkwak
    Unfortunate news people. The function centre was sold last year and it is no longer owned by the developer. Two issues:
    1. the function centre is booked out on sundays.
    2. Saturday is available, but price is $300 for under 3 hrs and $400 for over 3 hrs. 

    I will contact two bondi public schools tomorrow and will keep you upto date ASAP.
  6. HiFidelity
    Hi Guys.
    Recent newbie. I'm interested in attending and meeting some people. I live in the Croydon Park area. How do I get myself on the guest list?
  7. pkwak
    Would you be bringing any gear to the meet HiFidelity?
  8. HiFidelity
    I can bring my Audio-Technica QuitePoint ATH-ANC7b, Grado SR 325is. I only had a entry level DAC/Head Amp and I'm still learning.
    Only a wannabe audiophile atm. I have an eclectic music collection though. I am on the verge of purchasing a new set of cans i.e. the HiFiMAN HE 5 LE but not sure how to go about driving them with my current setup...Stuck and was wondering whether you local guys can give me some advice? Can I buy another headamp e.g. Headphone Amp 160 and connect it to my Maverick Audio DAC? I'm abit lost on this front and would appreciate if anyone can steer me in the right direction. 

    Thanks pkwak and Guys in advance. 
  9. mitos
    How about renting a room at a RSL? shouldn't be too expensive?? Maybe even a scout hall?
  10. Currawong Contributor
    Often with meets, the organiser covers the costs, after which people always end up voluntarily donating enough that costs are covered. $400 is quite good considering the number of people attending.
  11. pkwak
    Guys , I think I found the perfect place for us. And it is available, but one downside is that it does not have any desk... Do ppl have foldable desk that they can bring?
  12. pkwak
    Hello Currawong~
    Sorry, I had no idea, I am just going by what was suggested by one of the member. I was told that in Melbourne $10 was collected for venue and pizza, so I presumed that everyone was fine by the idea.
  13. pkwak
    Sorry, HiFidelity if I mislead you but I am also like you a 'newbie' and not the appropriate person to give an opinion.
    John? Svyr? Juzminster? Currawong? Would you be able able to help answering his question?
  14. johnwmclean
    Make a list of firm definites, divide cost, get all subscribers to pp you, then pay for venue before the meet, I wouldn’t do anything out of pocket, given the reliability of numbers at these events you could get stung.
  15. svyr

    not a bad idea either.

    >Can I buy another headamp e.g. Headphone Amp 160 and connect it to my Maverick Audio DAC?

    if the dac has RCA outs (most do) and the amp RCA ins (160 does i think), then you can.
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