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'Can Con' Sydney meet 10/07 Unique Melody, i-enjoy.com.au, Jaben Australia, Twisted Cables & Krispy Kables to join us~ Major prize giveaway by Jaben Aus~

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  1. svyr
    >At the meet: At the beginning of the meet after everyone has set up I am thinking of providing up to 10 minutes to each of the members of the trade to promote/inform/sell their product in front of everyone. This is done by introduction and short showcase of their products in front of everyone and members can ask questions. I will probably ask my brother to mind the tables in the distributor section for security while you are in the front presenting. (Note: I am expecting heavy traffic around distributors, so I am placing tables away from normal members tables. At the end of the meet I will organise the registration information, and for those that have agreed, I will pass on their name and email to the distributors so that they can be contacted with news about special offers or new products. Distributors are encouraged to bring brochure to give out to attendees.

    haha, in that case you can probably charge MoTs a bit more for attendance :wink: ( :wink: UMAus-Matt :p ) . (getting to market to the direct audience and to get the opportunity to do it in the future :) )

    Good job, Paul! (wrt to involving the MoTs and even small details like their table plcmt...). Looks like we might have future meets more like the US ones :)
  2. qusp Contributor
    No problem, thanks for the rundown. As usual i'll probably bring something along for a giveaway/door prize and/or 20 bucks is fine. i appreciate the effort you have in mind there for the mots, i've usually kept a bit of a low profile at the meets and >90% of my business is export to Asia, USA and EU, but probably should make myself better known here also, as many Aussies dont know about me at all especially if they are new members. I need to get the website up before i do anything like full sponsorship, i've been procrastinating about that for ages; folly since im a former graphic designer, but i keep busy without it just by word of mouth
    pity i had hoped someone would have a CLAS for me to try with my rig, i'm not willing to fork out the cash just to use it as a transport if its not something really special in that regard.
    oh i forgot too, i'll also have my iPad v1 with modified camera connection kit if anyone wants to try that out with their DAC
  3. qusp Contributor
    oh also one thing, good idea about your Brother, but in general we really dont have any trouble and i would rather people feel comfortable, so please low key security :D
  4. svyr

    well, when I google Twisted Cables or TCA, nothing comes up.... You can get some idea of your products from http://www.head-fi.org/search.php?search=Twisted+Cables but 'a' website with the products/etc would be nice :D
  5. qusp Contributor
    ya, i noe, heaps of hits with google, but no site, had one nearly done last year ready for the cart to be added, before the developer screwed me and i hardly get a spare moment to do it all over again. I have all the content needed, but yeah mostly i just get recommendations from happy customers and thats enough. i have a few interesting things in mind for other products for our market made here in AU, but i have to stay tight lipped about that for now. good chance i'll have a site up by the meet though.
    thing is its a bit of a tall order the site, because nearly 100% of my work is custom made to order
  6. svyr

    as a temp measure - you could get head-fi blog or something, or make a separate thread with the links to the product threads if on head-fi (i.e. portal page type one)
  7. qusp Contributor
    nah, i'd rather have it off site, i have been working on a wordpress site as a temp measure. there is more to mot headfi sponsorship than starting a blog
    control freak + former graphic designer = pita for developer
  8. pkwak
    Just to clarify, he will only mind the tables during the presentation. He is not a qualified security guard and he is there to listen to headphones. And yes, I do agree, the members are generally very good and there are no need for security but I feel assured if someone was minding the tables when you guys are presenting.


  9. nelda
    Thanks Paul. It is a solid effort. Much appreciated.
    No I don't mind the $20.00 and would probably find something as giveaway too.
    I also like the idea of 'separate' area for MoT.
    I'm really excited. Can't wait.
  10. mitos
    Hey if any Member of trade is reading, do you reckon I could borrow a balanced 3 or 4 pin XRL cable for LCD-2s and HD650s. Just cause all my stuff is SE, but I would love for other and me to test my HP with a balanced system. Thanks in advanced
  11. qusp Contributor
    yeah i'll have both balanced cables for lcd-2 and hd6xx there, no worries
  12. qusp Contributor


    cool, was just an aside. agreed its always good to have another pair of eyes and i suppose it will be a bit of a different setup with the separate mot area and all. i just hope its not divisive. hey does anyone know do the new um's still use the same 2 pin connector westone, ue and JH use? 
    anyone bringing stax?
    haha i just realized how silly that sounds. gee i hope dividing the area up and having an mot area isnt divisive [​IMG]  nvm i'm sure it'll be a fun time for all and having your brother there means I can mingle more freely. quick off the mark today [​IMG]
  13. svyr
    > anyone bringing stax?

    If I manage to get a carpool lift to/from the venue,I can bring SR-507and a TransistorAmp-v3 :D otherwise - too heavy, the amp alone is 10kg.
  14. pkwak
    Also very important info I left out~ we will have pizza for lunch. I hope this is fine by everyone~
  15. qusp Contributor


    sweet, not that i've ever been that enthralled with them tbh (not that model, just in general) but i keep testing my ears regardless. i appreciate the air and speed, but mostly find them a bit lacking in figurative weight. perhaps a certain member i know is watching, but hardly ever posts anywhere to prove he exists, might be finished building his KGSS by then? you know who you are and so, no doubt does John
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