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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. cr3ativ3
    Its the FiioLC 4.4D not the C
  2. cr3ativ3
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  3. zombywoof
    Many thanks. I did not see the "D" model of the cable on the Fiio website. Thanks for the link to Penon site, as well.
  4. cr3ativ3
    ure welcome , worth every penny !
  5. zombywoof
    I had an older model Fiio silver plated copper cable that I used to replace the "extension cord" cables that came with my Shure SE535's. I sold the cable with the 535's. Considering this as an upgrade for my CA Jupiters.
  6. cr3ativ3
    52A6B301-26E5-400B-BD29-723E9F3E71FE.jpeg Here some “Audio porn” :D
  7. fokta
    wow... Really get me grind...

    Temptation... Its good material, consider afforadble in that price...

    Also seeing GU cable..
  8. cr3ativ3
    It is an upgrade for Solaris so why not for the Jupiter’s ? :)
  9. cr3ativ3
    Would get this , for this price .. it’s really awesome. I have the ares II too , i like this more :) E72DBAF2-34E8-4E42-A5ED-8077CE9DD982.jpeg
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  10. cycheang
    Impression please. I saw today Taobao China having promotion for this cable which cost about RMB698. Is this a pure Silver cable ? Heard this type of cable will brighter the sound ? Please enlighten me.
  11. fokta
    If the material is true as mention on promotion... Its a good deal...
    The material will emphasize on Bass, and still manage to give Spark and SS... but again need to try...

    but Just check my wallet, and buy 2 cable recently... plus need to reterminate the current cable... need to clear out some in that drawer...

    Actually his partially impression is below...

    Last edited: Jun 17, 2019
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  12. cycheang
    You have the same setup like mine. Stock cable then CB13. I tried another pure silver cable and it provide more details sound and bass. Since Taobao China got sales today (618), can consider to get one.
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  13. fokta
    Ah Yes...
    then let me update my conidtion, my daily DAP is back to DX221Mk2, I prefer Mid then Low. So need to clear out my AMP8, And this cause big consequent to me... need to re terminate 4 units of 4.4 cable to 2.5...

    Correlate to SOLARIS, for my ear taste, I still prefer SOLARIS pair with neutral DAP, and silver cable... IMHO...
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  14. cycheang
    Hi Fokta,

    I prefer all my IEM cable is terminated with 2.5mm Balanced as I have adapter CA02 to convert to 4.4 balanced. With this approach, it can cater most of the port that DAP offer. At least for now.

    I listened to my DX221 since May and I never feel want to swap to AMP 8 as I feel the sound is more details and layered, Yea, this is the sound I looking for. Until last week, my itchy hand replace AMP 1MKII to AMP8, Arrr... The details of the sound is not as par as MK II, but I get more bass. Just about 10 minutes of listening, I decided to swap back to AMP1 MKII.

    Now waiting more review on AMP 9 and decide later going to buy or not.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2019
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  15. cr3ativ3
    The sound is not really brighter , it’s seems to be better separated , or just play the micro background details “louder”.
    The hole sound is very clean and you get a nice little lift in the lows .
    Source is Cowon Plenue L 4.4out.
    For me the best cable I’ve tried with the Solaris till now :)
    If they do a 2pin Version I will get a 2nd one :) and yes its a pure silver cable
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2019
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