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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. cr3ativ3
    for all who feels the need for more bass with the solaris , try spin fit 145
  2. Rockwell75
    If you're legitimately open to keeping it if it meets your needs then I don't think it's bad faith to order it and send it back if it doesn't. I'm really hoping you do order it as it would be nice to finally hear your take on it after all this time.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
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  3. BananaOoyoo
    Yeah I wouldn’t order it if I had no intention of keeping it. I guess I’m wondering if it’s selfish to do so when there will be opportunities to try it in the near future anyways (rumors of a new Korean distributor, also possibly CanJam Shanghai or a Japan trip)

    I think I’ve been waiting like 9 months already :sweat_smile:
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  4. fokta
    9 months... wow... hope you get what you wanted...
  5. bvng3540
    Most Solaris owners love how it sound, the only reason that they selling their only because of the fitment, if you have big ears then it likely you will keep it, on the other hand if you have small ears then it a different story
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  6. mark88888
    Expat (or anyone who might know ),

    How is the selection of tips available that can fit the Solaris at e-earphone in Akihabara? Are most or all of the tips discussed here available there? Hows the pricing there compared to ordering online? Are the shop assistants helpful and knowledgeable about what fit the Solaris? ... I have a bunch of questions about tips, but if theyre all available there at fair prices I figure Ill just go there and ask.
  7. BeerNuts
    e-ear there has a huge selection of tips, pretty much nothing that they don't have. There is a section with plastic drawers full of the comply tips that you can try out on your own headset before you buy. I don't recall if spinfits were in there to try or not but they sell them of course. The store has little wet towel dispensers all around so you can wipe everything down before and after you use it. BicCamera in Akiba also has all of the same tips for about the same pricing. Spinfits, comply, etc.

    Shop assistants are not great with English there. Even if they did know some English they are usually to shy to actually try to talk to you. I only use Japanese in the store. You can take your headphones to the store and try everything. Remember though Japan has pretty much no returns on anything, so make sure you have it right before you buy.
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  8. ExpatinJapan
    What @BeerNuts said.

    I would use a browser like Google chrome that translates and search for what you are after Before going to the store.
    But yes, they have about everything.

    Also Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara is now a great store for audio too.
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  9. cr3ativ3
    There it is :) 220ADDE0-8309-43A4-9851-CE47D28D39B5.jpeg
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  10. Wildcatsare1
    Mine will be here Wednesday, can’t wait!
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  11. cr3ativ3
    the pure silver cable from fiio looks gorgeous in live , its very very soft !

    sound impressions soon
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  12. zeroselect
    Been using my for a week. Just as good sound wise but much better feel and fitment around the ear for me.
  13. cr3ativ3
    You get a very very clean sound with this cable .
    To my ears , the Solaris gets more punch in the lows compared to stock or even the CB13 .
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  14. cr3ativ3
    seem to catch even more details with this combo out of the tracks ( or easier to catch ) , love it
  15. zombywoof
    Just curious...is this the Fiio cable that is being discussed above?
    This is from the Fiio website.
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