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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. ExpatinJapan
    D1D13F1A-A4E2-4BE9-9A1B-F68BE0E4758A.jpeg Wide bore is<<<

    Stem inner diameter.

    Excuse the copy and paste below (not an advert) - just easier to explain.

    > Symbio W eartips – bore diameter 4.5mm.

    > Symbio Wa eartips
    The Symbio Wa has bore diameter cca. 2-2.5mm, neutral influence to the IEMs sound signature. Allows high frequency details and energy. Perfect seal for best bass.

    These eartips comes with adapters for IEMs like Shure SE846 (…) Westone UM Pro 50 (…) and all In Ear Monitors with 2-2.5mm stem diameter.

    > Symbio Wn eartips
    Silicone+Memory Foam Special Hybrid Universal Ear Tip.
    For In Ear Monitors with stem diameter of 3-4mm.

    > Symbio W Peel eartips
    Simple Single Flange Silicone EartipsBore diameter 4.5mm.
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  2. MaxD
    Just ordered them, wonder how long it will take for them to get to the UK :)
  3. BananaOoyoo
    Bit of an ethics question for all the Solaris owners out there - I’ll be visiting the US next month, and I’m interested in trying out the Solaris.

    Would it be bad to order the Solaris knowing that there’s a good chance of me returning it? I’m 100% open to keeping it, but only if it blows me away (and a lot of people here seem to love it). Not sure if that’s taking advantage of CA’s excellent customer service too much...
  4. cr3ativ3
    They will fit all on the Solaris , it’s the size of the tips which you need for your ears
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  5. subguy812
    All of the above suggestions align with my thoughts. I peeled my own and thought it was better than the stock Mandarin. To my ears the Spiral Dots still offer better sound quality, but between the two eartips I think which ever one gives you the best seal, which will offer you the bass delivery, is the tip to select.
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  6. ExpatinJapan
    I recently picked up some of the new spiral dots++ (waiting on two more sizes)

    And the Acoustune tips

    - i have just started to try them out so i have no final conclusions yet, sorry.


    (Waiting for MS and ML sizes).


    (Stock pic of the new Spiral Dots++. Color coded makes sorting/finding them easier).



    Also got rid if about 6 mini plastic bags and sorted some regular and new tips into a plastic case.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
  7. Mirimar
    @ExpatinJapan - looking forward to hearing what you think of the new Spiral Dot++ compared to the original version!
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  8. cr3ativ3
    today i tried these cable with solaris


    but compared to the cb13 it has i little bit less punch in the lows, the cable is softer , makes it a lttle bit more comfy. looking forward to my pure silver cable.

    this evening i get a balance to se adapter from a friend , so i can do a little compairson to the Litz stock cable :)
  9. ExpatinJapan
    I would like another size in the symbio W Peel tips for a perfect fit for me

    Good thing about the Spiral Tips is the five sizes (like Final Audio)

    I also sometimes need different sizes in each ear.
    And can find the ear canal can change slightly in diameter from the cold of winter to extreme summer heat.

    So as far as the Solaris is concerned for now I have the Symbio W Peel.
    - Next to pit them against the new purchases and also revisit the stock silicone, foam,
    Final audio tips and also the original Spiral Tips and see which is a best match to ears and also represents the Solaris sound as I imagine it.

    Also is the SednaEartips which i may purchase also.
  10. cr3ativ3
    Did a compair now, with an SE adapter for the ibasso´s to get the same output for both cables.
    to my ears , the cables sound very similar , no big difference.
    but if you use the cd13 on balance out put the sound is far superior in terms of resolution and brings the Solaris to shine. i would really recommend to get a good balance cable and use that outpout if your DAP has one :)

    happy listening
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  11. davidcotton
    If you were in a hurry then audiosanctuary has them in stock. They are a bit more pricey though.
  12. MaxD
    Thanks for the tip, audiosanctuary here I come :).
  13. Tristy
    Thanks very much for that! Appreciate it. I’ve just bought a balanced effect audio Lionheart cable to use with the Solaris coming from the standard Slitz... not sure if the cable is going to make any difference to the sound as from all the impressions I’ve heard the Slitz is already very good. Changing to the balanced output sounds like it makes the biggest difference but unfortunately I won’t be able to test this with two different terminations. Really looking forward to receiving it now.
  14. cr3ativ3
    it makes a big difference to my ears ! you wont regret this upgrade , your Ak player your solaris and yours ears will thank you :D the output makes a bigger difference than the cable :) but with effect audio you have done all right :)
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  15. cr3ativ3
    and if you want to compare the cables , you can get this http://www.ibasso.com/cp_xq_dy.php?id=6027
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