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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. MN8372
    I don’t have one and don’t expect I ever will.
  2. dhc0329
    Has anyone tried out the custom ear tip for Solaris made by Advanced? Any big improvement over universal tips?
    I just ordered one so wonder how long it will take for them to make it.
  3. Lookout57
    I posted awhile back that I was the first person to get Advanced tips for the Solaris. They used my Solaris to make the template.

    I haven't had a chance to write up the changes, but the first improvement is in comfort. I used to use the CA marshmallow tips but after a couple of hours I would have to take them off. Not so with the custom tips. As for the sound, it seems to make the details and imaging better. Also bass is improved.

    I liked them so much I ordered tips for the rest of my CA IEMs (except for the Polaris).
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  4. dhc0329
    Thanks for your feedback. So how long did it take to get the tips delivered after they receive your ear mold?
  5. antdroid
    I just did a set too. It's a little frustrating to put on, but works well and comfortable once you get it set in the right place. The silicone tip attracts everything and making sure it's clean makes it easier to put on. It does stick out a little bit more than normal tips.

    It took me 2.5 weeks from the time they received it to the day it arrived at my door.
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  6. beholdclarity
    Okay guys, here goes another one. I've had the Solaris for a while but due to holidays and a bit of gear rotation I've hadn't had the time to fully appreciate the Solaris. I am short of 100h, maybe 50h in total. But since I don't burn in my headphones rigorously, "progress" is slow.
    What I can tell so far is that after 10h the bass quantity dramatically reduced and that changed the presentation from a guttural bass monster to very neutral and balanced.

    I am now pairing the Solaris (stock cable, 3.5mm SE, stock CA wide-bore silicone tips) with a SP1000Cu.
    Wow, what a winner! Let's start with the obvious: Hiss.
    The Solaris, even more than the Andromeda, are prone to hiss. I've had it from multiple devices including the Fiio Q5 and Mojo, but not to the point of being a dealbreaker. The quietest source to date that I could identify was the FiiO BTR3, a tiny, nifty device which does nothing wrong except for giving you that wet feeling in your pants of handling a 3,000USD audiophile device.
    Now enter the SP1000Cu. I get zero hiss from the 3.5mm SE port. None! It is pitch black and quiet as the night. Oh boy, what a joy.


    I was abstaining from the Solaris (and audio) for two weeks, in order to reset myself after a bit of gear rotation.
    Last night I spent a little time with the Solaris and the Andromeda as well.
    My initial disappointment with the quantity of bass remains for certain genres that include EDM elements and electronic bass. It provides the notes but they are tamed and neutral. The bass quantity is similar to Andromeda, perhaps a little less quantity, but the quality is different. More juicy and not as dry.

    On albums like Dark Side of the Moon, the Solaris shine in my opinion. They offer a cornucopia of detail and an out of this world presentation. Instruments and details swish around in your head and make your head go every direction in search for the source of the sound. Holographic, for sure. But a lot smoother than the Andromeda, more liquid and oily. Micro-detail is sacrificed in the process, I think, but the Solaris still offers so much detail that it becomes difficult to absorb all at once. I would describe it as non-fatiguing, smooth and honest. You can focus on any part of the music and enjoy it. My only issue is that I am used to headphones forcing you to focus on specific parts of the music because of the way they present it. The Andromeda, for example, have always invited me to listen to the quick and powerful bass and the seemingly infinitely extending treble, because it lacks the mids.

    The Solaris at this point in time for me are:

    • Neutral with hints of warmth and an emphasis for mids
    • Medium bass quantity with excellent bass quality
    • Extended in all directions with holographic capabilities and tremendous soundstage
    • Relaxed non-fatiguing listening experience that invites to everything but stands out at nothing
    • And therefore it can be described as both toothless (i.e. boring) and as close to audiophile as I'll ever get (i.e. exciting)
    Last edited: May 26, 2019
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  7. dhc0329
    Thanks for sharing. I got good info from two users. :)
  8. sorrick
    We all hear differently, but if you are getting more of a bass response out of your andromeda than Solaris would try different tips with the Solaris. The Solaris definitely has more bass quantity than the andromeda. If you are not experiencing notably more visceral/physical bass with the Solaris, other tips ad sizes may work better. Many have found that the Solaris works best with with a deep insertion and sometimes a size smaller tips than they usually use. I have found some silicon tips that feel initially like to give me a good seal actually do not provide the isolation necessary to get the full bass response out of the Solaris. While they certainly do not have a bass emphasis like the atlas or something like a hyla or legend x, they definitely have robust, visceral bass—particularly in the sub-bass region.
  9. beholdclarity

    I compared both iem under otherwise identical conditions.
    I would think the main difference between Solaris‘ bass and Andromedas‘ is their emphasis. There are many instances when reviewers just can’t agree on two similar headphones with different emphasis on different parts of the bass, and contradict each other in regards to which one has more. ZMF Atticus and Eikon being one example, I believe (from reading).
    My point is, the common denominator is that the quantity seemingly is the same but some people’s hearing, including mine, just doesn’t extend so deep. I believe I am not really able to hear sub-bass but rather feel it. The Solaris undoubtedly goes deeper and has more emphasis here. So I perceive the bass of the Andromeda, which has its emphasis a little more on the mid or upper bass, as more bass intense. Does that make sense?
    Anyway, I stand by my perception that Andromeda bass is dryer and grips me more, whereas Solaris feels natural and extended, juicy but very controlled. Perhaps “just right”, but not “amazing” is a good description.
  10. theveterans
    If you have ever listened to a 2 channel setup under treated room, Solaris bass is more akin to that sound: natural, extended yet extremely controlled. Andromeda's bass is incredibly good too for a BA but just needs that lowest octave harmonics that a good DD naturally produces.
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  11. Rockwell75
    I think my favorite thing about the Solaris is that it makes pretty much ANYTHING sound good. Sure there are earphones that may do better with specific genres or tracks-- but on Solaris everything sounds awesome, and for someone whose collection contains little bits of everything, this is a huge plus. It's an incredible stand-alone all-rounder IEM.
  12. cr3ativ3
    Did you heard the Solaris with the Cowon Plenue L ? what do you think about the synergy of the 2 ?
    i consider to add the Solaris to my collection.
  13. fokta
    by chance u nearby some store that have demo?
    never read Solaris paring with Cowon, or I miss it....
  14. cr3ativ3
    No ... Germany sucks with good audio stores :frowning2:
    I’m looking forward to get the Solaris used from someone located in the EU .
    I think the Cowon can make them shine :) it’s a really awesome dap
  15. fokta
    I see, u keep this then DX200 and QP2r... it means something to you...
    Yeah, IMO, SOLARIS Rocks.....
    Gud luck with the search....
    Last edited: May 28, 2019
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