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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. KB Contributor
    I found the N8 to be impressive sound wise balanced out, so I for sure approve of the N8 as well. I think the Cube has a clear edge over the N8 in the UI and battery department however. Please try for yourself as everyone will hear things differently.

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  2. fokta
    I see, TQ again for the fast reply.
    Prob my last question, According to you, Kann sound character sound is neutral or warm ?
  3. KB Contributor

    I have only used the Cube with my Solaris, I did AB other AK models with the Cube and a few other DAPs I have here. To me the Cube just sounded more refined, tighter, with less granularity and more slam than all my other players. Other players also sounded "peaky", so in that respect neutral in that it tended to handle speed and high frequency transients really well. Again it will really depend on what IEM you are using with the Cube.

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  4. fokta
    Thanks, Sorry I was mistypo up there, I mean Cube, but ur answer already great.

    Love my Solaris everyday... Good stuff u got here...
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  5. Arghavan
    Can Solaris ease the pain of losing a loved one? Let's see...
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  6. gazzington
    Losing a loved one is awful. I hope your ok
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  7. Arghavan
    It really is. Thanks.
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  8. fokta
    Hope u can walk through, and move on...
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  9. iBo0m
    Anyone had a chance to demo Solaris alongside Legend X / u12t / Hyla TE5B/T / Andro S (comparison agains Andro S was mentiones a few times) and can share some brief thoughts (regarding sound and sensitivity)? :) Does Solaris present the most holographic sound out of these?
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  10. elChefe
    I have the u12t. Driven out of a Chord Hugo 2, I would say the u12t has more air and extension in the high end but the treble isn’t as refined. For me, the Solaris has the perfect amount of top end sparkle. The Solaris is more full bodied and lush, while I feel the u12t is a little thinner. The bass and sub bass is extremely fast and clean on the Solaris. For slam and extension, the Solaris wins over the u12. As far as quantity, I would say the Solaris is more accurate.. clean, deep, rumbling bass when needed but it doesn’t give you anything that isn’t there. The u12 has more in terms of quantity overall but it can not beat Solaris’ quality. The soundstage is extremely holographic and realistic with immense layering. For men, imaging goes to Solaris but it’s a very close call. I would say imaging is where they are closest.
    Last edited: May 24, 2019
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  11. sorrick
    I bought and very much liked, but ultimately ended up returning the hyla te5-b because between the Solaris and the atlas, it did not provide enough new or clearly superior for me to justify keeping. Compared to the Solaris, it had significantly more bass quantity, particularly mid bass quantity, and more overall bass slam and is a decidedly V shaped, more typically ‘fun’ signature compared to the relatively balanced signature of the Solaris.

    The bass on the hyla’s is a thing to behold, probably the most authoritative of any earphone I have heard (including my atlas and the legend-x, which I have only heard briefly), but it is quantity-wise very north of neutral. The Solaris is far more neutral overall. However, when it is in the track, it provides authoritative sub-bass slam that to me was equally satisfying, though less augmented than the TE-5B. As I mentioned, the te5b has a lot more mid-bass quantity than the Solaris, which does impact the te5b’s mids. The Solaris’ mids are lusher, fuller, more textured, and more forward. Comparatively, the Hylas mids were definitely a step back from the bass and treble and slightly veiled. The te5b treble has a more crystalline, harder edged, and splashier (not in a bad way) character than the Solaris, although neither earphone is harsh. There are similar levels of sparkle in both, with the Solaris having slightly airier, but simultaneously lusher treble. Overall, both have outstanding treble, just with different characters.

    Soundstage-wise, both are above average, but the Solaris was wider and airier while the hyla had a more in your face, wall of sound type presentation (though not as much so as the atlas). The Solaris has noticeably better layering and instrument separation—areas it truly excels.

    I really liked the hylas, they are a fantastic pair of items, but in the end returned them because they did not provide enough new and unique that I did not get already between the Solaris and the Atlas. I hope that helps!
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  12. iBo0m
    Those are very positive words about Solaris, consideting u12t being highly musical (most of the 64 audio's line up is). Especially, if you consider the Solaris sound to be even more clean. What did you mean by "u12t has more in terms of quality overall"?

    The only question mark I'm still fighting with is the the fit, what if I can't get a decent fit with my ears... Reason many people had to pass on Solaris (at least the most common reason they claim).
  13. iBo0m

    I know Hyla CE-5 and the bass is stunning, so te5-b seems to have the same sound tendency. From the description, they both seems to be alike (CE-5, TE5-B), so I can imagine what you’re talking about :).

    It helps for sure, thanks! I also had Atlas which makes it better for me to get an idea. However, Atlas was also quite bass oriented IEMs, the punch was definitely there. Same case as CE-5, where the lows influenced negatively the other freq, imo. I’ve also noticed that you have EE Phantom, based on the opinions I’ve read (I also had a chance to listen to them) these could be quite close to Solaris? They also present great instruments separation and layering, wide open full sound to my ears. Also the bass is quite nice with a very solid texture.
  14. Malevolent
    Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be getting a new DAP anytime soon, having bought both the R6 Pro and the DX220 in the last month. Funds are running low.. Again! :joy:

    Anyway, I've been running the Solaris from my stable of ALO amps at the moment. With the R6 Pro as a source, I've found it to match really well with the CDM and the CV5. The tubes add a touch of warmth and body - vocals sound especially lush and rich.
  15. MN8372
    The Kann Cube looks like a great device if you can live with the bulk. I’m absolutely gobsmacked by the combination of SP1000M Gold and Solaris. Super smooth but with bags of detail, punch and transparency. And quiet too. I can listen for hours with no fatigue. The balance is wonderful. I’ve tried my Utopias and HEKSE’s out of the same DAP and the combination is a touch too bright in comparison (for my taste). They are much better on my main system (thanks to my Alo Audio Studio 6!).
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