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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. cr3ativ3
    Yes . Dx200 < qp2r < Cowon :) SQ wise
  2. fokta
    @twister6 he got all the gear u asked... let's hope he appear....

    or where is my Shopkeeper #roleplay...
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  3. ExpatinJapan
    Better to ask @twister6 cause i am in the shower..

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  4. twister6 Contributor
    Nice try :D You want me to talk which DAP is better in Solaris thread? Maybe add to the discussion M11 vs DX220? :p

    btw, don't have or ever heard qp2r, I'm not a hoarder :D
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  5. Rockwell75
    I think someone was wondering if the Plenue L would be a good pairing with Solaris.
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  6. twister6 Contributor
    It was good, I liked it, and have notes about it in my PL review in pair up section. But to be honest, I personally preferred the pair up of Solaris with DX220 w/amp1ii. I hate hyping things up or using "the best", but I did mention that in my DX220 review in pair up section.
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  7. cr3ativ3
    yeah ure right "best" is always a personal thing.
    but in your review u said its a great pair up :)
  8. antdroid
    Here's a photo of the advanced sound tips with Solaris. They also fit the IO, since they have similar nozzles.

    They do stick out a little bit more than normal from your ears. I find they work best by putting the tip in by itself first and then putting the iem in after. Silicone unfortunately is a magnet for dust and wax so cleaning these before every use is a must.

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  9. fokta
    Ooyy... get hold off ur self...

    *whisper* save some booze for me....

    and watch @twister6 handle this...

    He's here... let's get high... hehehe

    M11 vs DX220... u want too? :joy:
    Already try M11, and IMO different if I try with Solaris... #pouringGasoline

    hik... hik... he's right... #falldown&puke


    Hope u got what u need... sorry for the act... is necessary to call these guys and create a drama...

    #lookat@twister6 Thank you... #respect

    #slapping@headpie Wake bro... where are the review.....?

    #Thanks@rockwell75 to help clarify...
    Last edited: May 28, 2019
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  10. cr3ativ3
    all what i need ? :D no.. i need a solaris for testing :D but thanks for the help :)
  11. fokta
    hehehe... Yeah u're right... u need the most element... Hope u get to try it...
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  12. beholdclarity
    Even more details on the Solaris!


    I have now spent even more time with the Solaris and must admit they are -truly- marvellous. Like I said previously, I mainly compare them to the Andromeda.
    Initially, I was overwhelmed by the raw bass the Solaris had. After a few hours, that bass indeed disappeared and was replaced by a neutral and very balanced signature that has remained throughout. I was sad the bass had gone, since I listen to music that has EDM elements a lot.
    But I also enjoy other genres like progressive metal and some of the audiophile classics such as Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac.
    And the last two, especially, is where the Solaris shines.


    The separation and clarity of musical instruments is just staggering. You have pieces of information just jumping around in your head to an extend that the Andromeda has trouble to match, although it certainly does a great job at that, too.
    The Solaris does have more musicality to it and just feels more lush. The Andromeda at times feels less natural and of course brighter. The low end of the Solaris is something worth to be mentioned. It is not a bass-heads dream but it is just right. And sometimes, just right is not good enough to wow you, but most of the time it is exactly what the audio file deserves.

    Especially with the SP1000Cu there is a fluidity to the Solaris that is just incredible. The Solaris, although being a DD/BA Hybrid, are never slow or sluggish, never boomy or overbearing with their lows. Lively, quick but lush is what I'd say. That makes them quite strong for many genres. When these 3BA are firing, they come together superbly and even a wall of sound is just layered beautifully while retaining all information. But even with less than audiophile sources like the BTr3 (which is great), it delivers a superb listening experience.

    Do I recommend the Solaris over the Andromeda? Yes, if you have a desire for a more full-bodied signature, like the design and have the extra money to spend. If not, the Andromeda are just as good, but a little different.
    Personally, now having the choice again, I will go for the Solaris. They offer more musicality which I prefer over analytical cleanliness.
    Am I in love with the Solaris; Kinda. The Solaris is the girl in your area that has always been there for you. She cares, knows what you need but doesn't dress fancy or go to parties a lot. She doesn't impress you. She might not be what you think you want but she is what you deserve.
    Last edited: May 31, 2019
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  13. Gayron
    Hi everybody, has anyone compared the Solaris to full-size cans? I know full size and IEM are different realms, but top IEMs are really capable these days. I have found myself not using my Solaris a lot, and I thought I should perhaps get headphones for indoor use. But I'm unsure if I can gain something in terms of SQ by switching to big cans. I'm looking at Denon D7200. If anyone could advise something, I'd really appreciate! Thank you in advance.
    Last edited: May 31, 2019
  14. Gayron
    double post, sorry
  15. cr3ativ3
    meze empyrean if u have the money :D
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