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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. kimD

    Actually after reading your reviews and found that IEM almost sitting on the dirt road surface or rocks, there is broken my heart pain, cause there can easily getting scratches wow :)
  2. alvinmate
    Nice review of the Nova.....thanks

    Guys I haven't seen anyone mention Fitear 334 here? Does anyone have Andromeda and 334 and can provide some feedback how they compare to each other......334 I think is still considered one of the best BA implemented universal IEMs....!

  3. ExpatinJapan
    I placed it with extreme care, up and down on the vertical only, no side to side motion. :wink:
  4. HiFlight
    After spending the day listening and comparing Nova and Andromeda with different sources, I have decided to keep the Andromeda and part with my Nova, as it sounds enough like my 1 Plus that I can't see keeping both. As I have also have balanced cables for my 1Plus, it will stay.

  5. peter123
    +1, exactly what I was thinking when reading it. The 1Plus is my all-time favorite IEM's so very curious to hear more details.

    Great review and pictures, thanks!
  6. peter123

    I'll offer you a question :wink:

    Subbass extension on Nova vs 1Plus?
  7. nmatheis Contributor

    Nova are on the way for me via MD. I'd love to know the answer to this question, too. If you have the capability to measure both with the same rig, I'd appreciate an FR graph via PM.
  8. audio123
    i second your thoughts with an upgraded cable, asg1plus can become nova.
  9. Whaleshark12
    Awesome review! Thanks! [​IMG]
  10. siess
    My Andromeda arrived yesterday - very happy with these. Very good bass, nice detail and great soundstage. I am using the large spiral dots which fit me very well - no issues with getting a perfect seal. The new cable is an improvement over the Jupiter's.
  11. ngoshawk
  12. ExpatinJapan

    I shall return!

    ngoshawk likes this.
  13. HiFlight

    I think the Nova would get my nod there. Probably more noticeable as the Nova is so much easier driven than the 1 Plus. Overall, both are great all-arounders as they both have dual drivers driven in parallel with no crossover, hence excellent coherency. Also, both have excellent mids which yield superb vocals. I do prefer the better fit and build quality of the Nova. The Nova also comes with a far better cable than the 1 Plus despite the memory wire.
  14. peter123

    Thanks! That was actually not the answer I was expecting, interesting. The 1Plus have the best and deepest subbass of all my IEM's so wasn't expecting the BA's of the Nova to outperform the 14 mm dynamic of the 1Plus in extension. Just goes to show that tuning is everything.

    Hmm, kind of regrets not joining the drop now :wink:
  15. nmatheis Contributor
    Thanks for asking peter123, and thanks for the answers HiFlight. As I've mentioned already, I felt all of the CFA IEM sounded great. I know Ken put a lot of time and effort into the lineup to get them just right, and it shows in all aspects from aesthetics to ergonomics to durability to tuning.

    Too bad you're not in the US, peter123 or I'd send you Orion and Nova to try out. I'll be heading over to Dublin next spring to visit my daughter on her study abroad trip. Last semester at university spent in Dublin. How'd she get to be so lucky?!? Anyhow, pop on over for a pint or two and we can have a mini meet :wink:
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