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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. pr0b3r
    Maybe some of the voters there aren't much concerned about the sound and pay more attention to the looks. I think green is quite unusual for an IEM in the eyes of those not so into hifi audio. Maybe. That's just my guess. Can't really think of other reasons why they won't vote for Andromeda over the Jupiter.
  2. shotgunshane Contributor
    The poll was created before anyone knew andromeda existed. Andromeda was added by another user after the fact.
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  3. pr0b3r

    I see. So now it would be nice for people to see the Andromeda leading the poll. Hopefully it will overtake the Jupiter soon and make the drop open for joining.
  4. kimD
    Jupiter still is a top sound from those people who's has owned it now.
    Andromeda is what?
    Never audition before, can only imagination :)

    From now still too early already, just give sometimes
  5. ngoshawk
  6. audio123

    yes ofc the official website is always right!
  7. Satsugai
    My Andromeda arrived earlier today, and I've got a few hours worth of listening in. I'll post more when I've had a full day with them.
    Early impressions with very poor formatting and sentence structure: These are extremely easy to drive, as expected. Excellent instrument separation. Crystal clear highs with plenty of sparkle. Soundstage is wide, but not artificially so. Female vocals sound excellent. 
    These sound very much like open back orthos to me, if that helps anyone with a comparison (but without the natural background sounds of your environment, obviously [​IMG])
    I took a little time to acclimate to the sub and mid bass, but by midway through my audition, I was quite pleased with them.
    Tracks I've auditioned so far: (I'd be glad to listen to anything you might recommend, and provide feedback. Forgive the lack of comments on most of the tracks below. i was lost in the music.)
    Eiji Oue & The Minnesota Orchestra - The Firebird Suite, 1919 Revision - VII. Finale (24-bit) - very pleasantly reproduced. The horns have a ton of character and life. Beautiful layering. Highs are bordering on too sharp at times.
    Austin Wintory - Journey Soundtrack - Apotheosis (love this track... the lack of sub bass is quite evident here. violins sound superb on these IEMs. Very happy with the sound. Smooth. I played with the EQ a bit, and found they responded well, keeping their character, but filling out the sound.)
    Tron Legacy Sountrack - Recognizer (not much to say here. Track sounded good.)
    Porter Robinson - Worlds (album) - (Electronic music sounds sublime on the Andromeda.)
    Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (tons of sparkle. smooth vocals. great layering.)
    Dire Straights - Sultans of Swing
    Julia Fordham - Concrete Love (her voice sounds just right. Good stuff.)
    IAMX - The Background Noise
    Purity Ring - Sea Castle (plenty of oomph and sparkle here. Vocals shine.)
    CHVRCHES - Under the Tide
    B.o.B. - All I Want (Hip Hop tracks really shine on these IEMs.)
    Childish Gambino - Crawl (love the 3d sound of the beginning of this song)
    Kings of Leon - Supersoaker
    The Postal Service - Such Great Heights (the opening is presented just right. Very nice.)
    August Burns Red - Provision
    Daughter - Youth
    Taylor Swift - New York
    Galantis - Gold Dust
    The Chainsmokers - New York City
    A$AP Rocky - 1Train
    Muse - Animals (live at Olympic Stadium)
    Kraftwerk - Autobahn (remastered version)
    Upular (3D audio version) - feels very close. I'm used to this track feeling a few feet away. This feels like its inside rotating around INSIDE my head. very odd feeling.
    I tried the silicon tips out for a few tracks and was not overly impressed. I'l need to re-approach these later.
    Switching out to the included comply medium tips, I found getting them on and off quite difficult (TIGHT FIT). The highs are tamed with the comply tips, which might be favorable to some, but it does lose some sparkle in the exchange.
    Stock tips: Comfortable, but even when barely inserted had a bit more pressure than average with foam tips.
    Comply tips: warmer sound, tamed highs.
    Silicon tips: fit is decent, but its almost impossible to get a good seal with silicon. as a result, the sub bass was crippled. Highs were too much for me. Harsh sound in comparison with the smooth sound of foam. Playing with the medium tips and deep insertion has led to a quite comfortable fit using the included silicon tips. 
    Comply tips with no wax filter (not included - I had some lying around that fit) - I found these to be my favorite. The fit was better than the slightly larger stock foamies. The sparkle isn't lost as with the wax cover version of the Comply.

    Sound: 9.2
    Build Quality: 10
    Accessories: 9
    Comfort: 8.5
    Soundstage: 9.5
    If you like analytical sound, these will pull at your heartstrings.
    Note on comfort: Coming from the PFE 232 (known for their absurd comfort), after 2 or 3 hours, these felt like rocks jabbing in my ears. I fiddled with the tips for a while, and did some playing with the memory wire. Fitting the memory wire so that it partially supported the IEMs was a big help. I still find them less than comfortable, however.
    Further note on comfort: I'm one of those people who have a hard time where medium complys are slightly too large, and smalls don't seal, so take my comments about comfort with a grain of salt.
    **EDIT: after playing with the silicon tips for a bit, I found the medium fit rather well, and am quite happy with the deep fit seal and sound. Very comfortable.
  8. twister6 Contributor
    @Satsugai : you definitely need to continue with tip rolling, keep going through until you find the one that works better for you (look into your other IEMs to try other tips).  In one of your comments, though I'm not familiar with a tune, mentioning lack of bass is an indicator that your are not making a good seal.  Also, with a longer eartips and a tighter fit you will be able to have them in your ears more secure without pressing against the skin.  That is a key.
    I posted this picture before, the tip all the way to the left is the one I'm using right now and it's a godsend!!!  (got them here: http://penonaudio.com/3-Pairs-Grey-Red-Eartips)
  9. twister6 Contributor
    Brought Andromeda to work with me today, listening now.  The holographic imaging and retrieval of details are surreal!!!  Playing Agnes Obel "The Curse" on LPG, and keep repeating the first 30sec of intro before she starts singing.  I heard this track hundreds of times with many of my IEMs and full size, and I'm quite aware of some recording rustling noises/nuances, but those were always very subtle background flat noises which never stood out (a/bing with ES60 now).  With Andromeda these tiny rustling sounds are 3-dimensional, like you are watching a surround sound movie, becoming so realistic that I got goosebumps.
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  10. Satsugai
    @twister6I have a selection of different tips lying around, from westone star, spinfit, Etty Triflange, Phonak, Comply, but only the comply fit this wide bastard.
    I'll snag a pair of the tips you linked, and some spinfit that fit these fat tips. Hopefully it will improve the comfort.
  11. HiFlight
    My Andromeda's arrived this morning so I had to spend the remainder of the day listening, comparing and searching for that "perfect" set of tips. Overall, I do consider the Andromeda to sit well among the very best universal IEM's. I am particularly impressed with the clarity, detail retrieval and sense of transparency. Vocals sound so very lifelike it is sometimes scary. The sense of realism soon makes one forget that there are phones in ones ears!

    I made some comparisons with my 64 Audio U12 which I have for some time considered to be my go-to IEM for critical listening. Compared to the Andromeda, I notice the U12 to be less open, with a more intimate presentation as compared to the more open Andromeda.

    Imaging, tonality and timbre so far seems to be above reproach. Fit, like my earlier Orion, is very comfortable as the Andromeda is much lighter than it would appear in photos. The green anodizing is quite striking in person.

    The new cable is beautifully crafted, both soft and supple. The memory wire is, however a royal PIA, especially with the mmcx connectors. I would suggest to Ken that he make the memory wire a no-cost option for those who might prefer the wire. I soon removed the stock cable in favor of my Linum BAX.

    My Nova is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, so it will be an interesting day of comparisons.

    Kudos to Ken for the well-deserved flagship status of the Andromeda! .
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  12. kimD

    The memory wire is too soft or no memory wire at all
  13. blankdisc
    Glad to see all the positive feedbacks. I have been enjoying my Andromeda everyday. I do find myself prefer the Tinsel wire on top of the new Litz wire. I feel that it produces a more open, transparent and neutral sound. On the other hand the Litz cable is slightly warmer sounding with a bit more bass.
  14. ExpatinJapan
    Hopefully my Nova review will be up this weekend.
  15. ngoshawk

    Thank you. Looking forward to it. Cheers.
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