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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Whaleshark12
    *Trying to apply pressure*

    Looking forward to it~ [​IMG]
  2. nmatheis Contributor

    Didn't you already commit, lol :p
  3. Whaleshark12
    I would receive it much later than other head fier though. So ya..  ಠ‿↼
  4. ExpatinJapan
    Nearly there on the review, expect more of the same of what you have already read in this thread.
  5. HiFlight
    I received my Nova today and am in the process of comparing it to some of my other universals that are close in price to the Nova, such as the AS 1 Plus and Oriveti Primacy. As other have stated, it is warmer than the Orion with more forward mids. Highs seem somewhat more recessed than in the Orion, but that is likely the result of the warmer bass and mids. I doubt that there will be any complaints about it being bass-light! Soundstage and imaging seem to be quite accurate.

    As was the case with my Andromeda, none of the included tips provided an optimum seal. At this point, I am using the Large Spinfits which seem to work well for me.

    I still find the cable memory wire to be an issue as it rotates when inserting the IEM and takes a lot of fiddling to achieve a comfortable position. It would not be such an issue with a 2-pin connector.
  6. jeffri

    Looking forward to it :)

    Thanks for Nova impression, looking forward to hear more comparison. :)
  7. Jackpot77

    Very interested to hear your thoughts on how it compares to the ASG-1 Plus. If it is close on tuning to that, this could be a very special sounding IEM for the price (for me, at least).
  8. moedawg140 Contributor
    An impression as I listen to Mr. Crack - Ciroc (R&B & Hip-Hop, various artists)
    Highly resolute, very sufficiently punchy and extremely creamy smooth bass the Andromeda exhibits
    How the sound signature of the Andromeda makes me feel

    For those that are in or around the Southern California area, there are event series this summer.  Here's the flyer:
    More info here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/807600/cavalli-audio-presents-the-source-av-s-summer-series-2016.
    I'll be bringing some products this upcoming Sunday (including the Andromeda) if anyone wants to listen to some pretty good sounding equipment as well.
    Hope to see all that can make it, there!
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  9. HiFlight

    I should have some more impression later tomorrow. I have some specific files that I use for amp and headphone testing and will be comparing both with these files. As a preliminary comment, I would suggest there are more similarities than differences.
  10. moedawg140 Contributor
    Ditto, just so it's not all daisies and gumdrops with my impressions. [​IMG]  After trying a plethora of sizes-fit-all tips I have in my stable, the SpinFit tips (small size) work pretty well for me also.  Fit is the only issue for my ears, but once you find a tip that works well, it isn't as much as an issue.  I still have to re-adjust my IEMs from time to time, but overall the fit is sufficient with the SpinFit tips.  
  11. ExpatinJapan
    Nova review is up.
    kind regards
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  12. audio123
    "I think it is excellent as an IEM, but when I have the Andromeda sitting here I can easily hear who comes out in top. But that is an unfair comparison in terms of price and performance."
    most important statement in the review [​IMG]
  13. kimD

    Hmm best on what do you pay for this, the most an expensive should do the best of the best.

    Now I was realized who ever has forgotten what's the Jupiter sitting on :p
    audio123 likes this.
  14. HiFlight
  15. ExpatinJapan
    Thank you :)
    Damn you copy and paste!
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