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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. pr0b3r
    Hahaha! I'm just glad that most people here respect each other's opinions and accept whatever the differences in their preferences are. IMO, this conflicting opinions regarding CA IEMs (or the Nova only?) only added fire to my curiosity. I haven't owned TOTL IEMs ever and only own some cheapo and midfi ones. Say, I regularly use my IE8 and Aurisonics Rockets, would the Nova be a listening upgrade for me? I appreciate the strong areas of those mentioned IEMs even though they're totally different so I think maybe I'll have no problem once I get the Nova.

    Sadly, headfi buddies are hard to find where I'm at. I'm still hoping to find some with same taste someday though.
  2. ExpatinJapan

    Some of my unboxing photos are taken under direct light. And the Andromeda look overly bright green at times.

    I think this photo portrays their coloring quite well.
    pr0b3r likes this.
  3. audio123
    emerald green :p
  4. audio123
    hmm u like the aurisonics rockets, have you tried the asg 1 + and do you like it? For me Orion is closest to rockets while Nova to asg 1+.thanks for bringing up the aurisonics iems.its a good comparison. Cheers.
    pr0b3r likes this.
  5. pr0b3r
    When I feel like I wanted to hear good clarity and detail, I plug in the Rockets. The IE8 is dark but I love the bass. Certainly, my ears still need to be trained to pick up more technical aspects of the sound. That's why for now I enjoy musical sounding IEMs more than the analytical ones. I hope to enjoy the Nova as much as I have enjoyed listening to my current gears.

    Btw, I haven't tried the other models from Aurisonics. I read somewhere Fender already bought the company.
  6. audio123
    ok means you will enjoy the Nova. Yeap although Fender bought the company the old series is still the best imho
  7. knopi
    Great great, will wait on your impressions :)
  8. ngoshawk
    Silly impatient question: anyone on the drop received notification of shipment? I know it says "ships near May 30", or something but I'm just curious.

    Thanks and cheers.
  9. HiFlight

    I suspect that Massdrop's estimate is pretty accurate as the Nova pre-orders are currently shipping.
    ngoshawk likes this.
  10. pr0b3r
    By lurking around Massdrop, I just noticed there's a poll about the next CA IEM to possibly drop. Have you voted already? It would be nice to see the green monster in a much cheaper offering. [​IMG]

  11. ngoshawk
  12. pr0b3r
    Yeah, I wonder why. Is the price difference between Jupiter and Andromeda that big?
  13. audio123

    difference is ard 36.5 usd
  14. ngoshawk

  15. audio123

    my local retail shop suggests otherwise though
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