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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Colors
    Ideally you want something hiss-free. Under $500, either XDP300R/Onkyo DP-X1A or Shanling M0. Possible ZX300 or M11 Pro if you can swing it. Some have Android streemable/downloadable, some don’t, you have read up on them.
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  2. areek
    I'm coming from the Pioneer xdp-300r and it died on me. Is the ZX300 going to be equal or superior to the xdp-300r in terms of sound (balanced)? Because I can find ZX300a deals for 329$ in joybuy
  3. Colors
    I’ve only read hiss-free pairing for the ZX300. Yet to test the SQ bc I already have the WM1A which imo is an incredible combo with the Andros. However, I would go ahead and check the ZX300 thread + search Andro there: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/sony-nw-zx300.854693/

    Battery life should be insanely good though. I get 20 hrs / one week with my WM1A, I see ZX300 is rated at 30 hr battery life.

    If you already had the XDP300R (I owned one before too with the Andros), maybe take a look at the M11 Pro. I’ve tested it and there’s very faint hiss but it sounds very lively and dynamic with the Andros. Great extension on both ends and a pretty clean sound overall. And you can Spotify/TIDAL and download offline. Might be more what you’re used to.
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  4. areek
    Thank you for the suggestions. The M11 pro might be a bit out of budget, but the cowon plenue 2 insterests me more for 550$. Let's see.
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  5. orifiel
    With Andromeda the best budget pairings IMO are the ZX300 and the A&K SR15, both offers superior dynamics and warm/detailed sound...
    I use to have the ZX300 and sell it because the SR15 is better in sound (more precise an better Retrieval of details) and OS (i don’t care the worst battery life).
    My “on the go” setup is now:
    SR15+Alo reference 8 (balanced)+Andromeda
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  6. areek
    Thanks for this post. Helps me a lot, since I have compared the sr15 with the pioneer unit and found the pioneer more to my liking (better soundstage). So it's either the xdp-300r again or something else, I guess. :/
  7. loplop
    I have an M11 Pro I plan to sell—haven’t put it up yet bc the box is at 2nd office in another city. Will be there next week. PM me if interested.
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  8. areek
    As much as I would love to try that out, i live in Bangladesh and the only way i can purchase stuff is via 3rd party importers. :frowning2:
  9. ChrisIsAwesome
    Demo'd some of campfire audios range aannnddd
    I heard the difference between cables.... -.- FML. I was a denier and is still take issue with the prices charged for cables but...

    With the Andromeda's they actually make a pretty noticeable different to the sounds character. With Andromeda and silicone tips: These are MY interpretations only using SP2000.
    Smoky litz (Rank 3)
    : Sound was more forward compared to others. A little congested but still good resolution and clarity, slightly peaky/bright
    Alo gold 16 (Rank 1): Slight echoey, reverberated sound. Bass less well defined, lacking impact and a little muffled. Very revealing though and adds more spacious and organic smooth sound. Kind of gave the effect of being inside a tunnel hence the reverberated echo 'No this isn't BS and no i'm not joking and no i'm not insane'.
    Super litz (Rank 4): Bloomy, i didn't really like this one.
    Pure silver litz (Rank 2): hmm hard to describe. Less bloomy version of the super litz, keeps the same resolution, brightness and detail of the smoky litz but has more bloom in the bass, less controlled bass. Adds more emphasis to every aspect of the sound.

    If you want a smooth organic sound, get the gold 16. For an upgrade to the stock smoky litz i would recommend the pure silver litz.
    I personally really liked the organic, spacious and smooth sound the Gold 16 added to the andro, but i can imagine some many people would actually prefer the clean, forward and more airy dry sound of the stock litz or the pure silver litz.
  10. ChrisIsAwesome
    Oh man i really didn't want to believe in cables :sob:. more cost ***
  11. Jackpot77
    At least CA have a hefty sale on cables at the moment via the ALO Warehouse... If you're going to fall down the rabbit hole of cables, If suggest doing it quickly! :wink:

  12. ChrisIsAwesome
    I saw that, too bad the gold 16 and pure silver in 2.5trrs is sold out.
    Worth noting also is the fact that the andro still holds its own against much more expensive iem's. Really fantastic even after all this time. Also, the Reference 8 while being nice and quite organic sounding, i would never recommend because the bad handling, ergonomics, stiff jacket material. Not flexible cable, more like stiff wire.
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  13. krzysztof4101997
    Androma plays with Dunu Hulk?. Maybe Ibasso cb13?
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2019
  14. ecodr
    Does anyone know where I can buy a slightly longer lightning cable to female 3.5mm adapter
  15. Colors
    The Andro is like the most source and cable sensitive (impedance sensitive I suppose?) IEM ever haha
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