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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. virt
    I myself run my Golds through my WM1A's 4.4 connection. There's a very, very faint hiss on standby, but when music comes on it's definitely not noticeable.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
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  2. mashuto
    To add another data point about hiss. With the Andromeda gold and the cayin n6ii a01, single ended there is definitely a hiss. It's very slight and absolutely not noticeable when music is playing, but it's there. I also suspect there would be slightly more hiss out of the 4.4 balanced due to higher power output, but I haven't tested it as I see no real reason to run it balanced except maybe for the beefier 4.4 jack.
  3. ceeloChamp
    They will not be :frowning2: I e-mailed them and they said 'Exclusive to Japan'. I'm pretty bummed about it, those look amazing
  4. cr3ativ3
    I noticed no hiss from the 4.4 out , but I didn’t tried the 3.5 yet :D
  5. loplop
    Awesome thx
  6. loplop
    Thanks, that’s helpful. I became gun shy about hiss after buying Zeus!
  7. loplop
    I hear hiss from A01/T01 with Zeus. If I’m in a quiet environment, and listening to Classical that has quiet parts, it’s distracting :frowning2:
  8. loplop
    Man. Totally bummed.
  9. Colors
    WM1A + Andro OG SE and balanced has a slight hiss when no music is playing. Not noticeable when music is playing.

    Andro Gold, however, hiss is more noticeable, even when music is playing. I think it’s ohm is even lower and more sensitive. Near dead silent with my SR15 I used to have though. Zero hiss with M0 or S10E.

    Hiss is the reason I got a dap actually. Then discovered another rabbit hole. Then cables...
  10. tolisgtr
    There must be an answer to this in this thread but anyway, how is the WM1A and Andro S pairing when it comes to the impedance output? Is it THAT bad as I read with bloated bass and rolled off highs due to the low impedance output of the DAP?
  11. Colors
    It’s a really good pairing. I find it ups the low end (more warmth) and improves on the imaging and spatial cues. The upper treble is still very well extended so I don’t know what other comments you’ve read about it...lots of posts discussing the pairing positively.

    4.4mm is even better, adds more depth I find.
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  12. MarkF786
    If anyone needs additional cables, ALO Audio is running a sale, with some of the cables as much as 80% off: https://aloaudio.deals/cables/

    With deals like their Litz wire cable for only $29, I'd stock up for all my IEMs in the various connector types I use - though I've pretty much already switched to their cables for most of my IEMs (at full price... GRRRRR). I did buy a silver Litz cable (4.4mm) though for $49. I've been wanting to try it, but not badly enough to spend the retail $249.

    I much prefer their cables to any cheap chi-fi products I've found. Granted, they're likely made in China, but the quality is higher than the competition. And with a sale like this, they're priced like a chi-fi cable (even cheaper).
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  13. areek
    I wanted to get the Reference 8 cable but it's unavailable in balanced.
    Any other sub 100$ cable that is an improvement over stock cable?
  14. Colors
    Great DAP, tip and cable combination:


    WM1A + Symbio W + PW Audio No. 5 (Anniversary Edition)
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  15. Jackpot77
    Just dumped $300 on 7 (!) items in the ALO cable sale. Managed to resist the Gold 16 though...
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