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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. virt

    Has anyone seen the new Solaris? Haven't caught up with this in a while, are there any new features to it? Don't think the nozzle changed, so I 't think comfort will be the same compared to the original Solaris.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2019
  2. aaf evo
  3. ceeloChamp
    Well I just impulsively bought those Solaris, will report soon!
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  4. virt
    That was a quick decision!
    Please do give us your thoughts soon. I love my Solaris but the fit sometimes bugs me. If there's not a massively noticeable difference between the two then I might not drop 2000 on these...
  5. SpeleoFool
    Yeah, just saw that! Curious to get the scoop on any sonic differences between "artist fit" (deeper insertion) and "audiophile fit" (shallow insertion; previously the only option for Equinox).

    I asked Campfire about stem length @ CanJam SoCal--I have Noble K10 customs with a deep stem and love the isolation and secure fit, and I was concerned about fit and isolation of Equinox. They said the shorter stem length is better for preserving high frequencies. But that was re: Equinox, and it was before I had my own Campfires + familiarity with their sound signatures. Not sure if BAs make a difference or if they might do any in-house tuning to compensate for stem-length (they are custom, after all).

    Anyway, that's not much to go on, but it's as much as I (think I) know for now. They've got my attention--now which fit to choose?
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  6. ceeloChamp
    I missed the Andromeda Gold and I really liked them, I also hated the fit of the Solaris, but we’ll see. I mean they look so cool! I’ll let everyone know how they stack up.
  7. ceeloChamp
    just spoke with Campfire, the Solaris Special Edition has the same fit as the og Solaris which is a bummer
  8. loplop
    Does anyone know if Andromeda MW10 will be sold in the USA? It wasn’t announced today, so maybe not...
  9. ExpatinJapan
    Lazy no link pics

    4CBDBBA4-8F16-450A-9E79-C013C15566EF.jpeg 7FD7DE93-9469-4C03-B306-3326D6FA099A.jpeg EBC52106-BA87-41E6-A42C-27C1717B119C.jpeg 2E593D11-D965-41EE-BDAD-3492A01AF5C7.jpeg 80B9F31A-F9C6-4047-B1B0-7CB2069A0246.jpeg B44D9E04-35FF-4E68-A2D8-0742955A4C56.jpeg
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  10. ecodr
    Anyone using the A&K SR15 the Sony WM1Z is to £££ for me.
  11. ecodr
    What’s everyone termination preference balanced or 3.5?
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
  12. PointyFox
    Balanced 3.5 mm isn't a good choice and is very risky. If anyone plugs an unbalanced 3.5mm cable into a balanced 3.5mm output (which is extremely likely) they can destroy one or both devices.
  13. loplop
    I suspect he meant balanced *or* 3.5 (single-ended).

    I wonder the same. I have balanced DAPs, but haven't run such a sensitive IEM balanced. I wonder about the hiss...
  14. cr3ativ3
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  15. lil BANE
    I have the an AK380 that I only listen to the Golds through the balanced 2.5 connection - it is dead silent.
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