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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. jmpsmash
    the absolute best cable I have tried for the Andromeda is the Labkable Pandora. I have sat in eearphones for hours swapping cables of many different prices and none produced such wide tonal balance, detail, sound stage and overall coherent image as the Pandora. Unfortunately the cable cost more than the Andromeda and it is physically rather stiff and heavy so it is not ideal. but sonically, nothing I tried beats it.
  2. cadgers
    I know Ken from Campfire Audio owns a ZX300. It’s a great combo.
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  3. Spie1904
    After not having used my Andromeda for months, black Friday got me to order a linum superbax cable.
    After trying them with a symbio peel tip, I feel like I re-conneted with my Andromeda. I hope the non memory wire cable will improve comfort and then it will be the perfect IEM.
  4. KingCharizard
    I replaced the old memory-wire litz cable with the new smoky litz a few weeks ago, and the comfort improvement has been substantial. I was genuinely surprised at how much of an improvement it was; I had spent the last two years thinking I was cursed to never have a good fit with my Andromeda, and now it's much, much better. Hopefully the new cable works out for you too :)
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  5. Spie1904
    Glad it worked out for you.
    Sound wise the Andromeda are still amazing.
    I hope so too. Maybe eventually I'll go for a balanced cable to pair with my sp1km too.
  6. cr3ativ3
    you should do that :)
  7. Colors
    Got the ZX300 as a substitute to my 1A and it actually sounds pretty good w/ the OG (out of SE) but not the AG.

    4.4mm cables in a couple weeks and the 4.4mm outputs are supposed to be much better than their SE counterparts. Very excited to try them.

    1A and ZX300 are such neat DAPs. 20-25+ hr battery life is incredible. Clean UIs + no bloat.
  8. Spie1904
    Going to try the linum se cable first as balanced wasn't on sale anyway. If the se works wonders, I may order balanced later.

    The biggest eye opener for me with Andromeda was sizing up my ear tips. I have extremely small ear canals so I use JVC spiral dots ms or s for almost every IEM. However with Andromeda that caused ear pain as things would be pushing up to my concha. I now purchased a spiral dot in size M and a shallower fit is doing really well for comfort
  9. gkl
    Do you know how much does the Andromeda weigh? Google didn't seem to turn up a decent result (didn't trust Amazon's spec sheet)
  10. rantng
    My Andromeda v1 weighs 0.4 ounces according to my kitchen scale. That's just the IEMs themselves.
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  11. gkl
    Thanks! That's both of them, right?
  12. rantng
    Both sides.
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  13. Spie1904
    I'm happy to report the linum superbax cable greatly increases the comfort of the andromeda for me personally.
    No longer have to fight the memory wire.
    On to tip rolling further but for now I'm going with the final audio type e eartips as they just seem to provide a very secure (somewhat deeper fit - as much as the short nozzles allow)
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  14. pallydou
    I tried Han Sound Aegis 4 cable and the sound signature is extremely well. Lakkable is good, but value-to-money wise I give my vote to Aegis.
  15. Colors
    I'm like the type of guy who likes to wear the same shirt but different colours:


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