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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. ecodr
    We all need positive role models . Care to share your thoughts on differences between the three?

  2. Colors
    OG - most U-shaped, best treble extension, largest soundstage
    S - lifted mids, most forward vocals, also, I find most balanced
    Gold - bassiest, best female vocals, smoothest and easy going. My fav for piano.
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  3. Tristy
    nice! What’s your favourite?
  4. Spie1904
    But always with an orange accent right?
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  5. ChrisIsAwesome
    I just got the Andromeda again but am having trouble out of sp2000, the bass sounds totally flat and as if the low mid range has a big drop off :/ has anyone experienced this?
    Sounds like a driver that's starving for air, cant breath.

    Sounds is totally wrong right now. 2 ohm output impedance, which never was an issue when i had them in the past on a different player.
  6. Mirimar
    The Andromeda is super sensitive to different sources and having had the V3 Andromeda’s for a while it was important to get a source with an output impedance < 1 Ohms if you want bass (maybe try ZX300). Otherwise you could try iEMatch but it could reduce dynamics YMMV - this is just my opinion.
  7. arftech
    I have V3 as well and SP2000 but I’m not having an issue with the DAP driving them. Sounds really good.

    Also, there were reports the Andromedas could hiss but mine sounds dead quiet with the SP2000.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2019
  8. ChrisIsAwesome
    Mines quiet too, no hiss. Are you running balanced or SE Arftech.
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  9. Colors

    Looks nice together.
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  10. Damz87
    I tried this exact combo yesterday :) I was surprised at how good the Andromeda's sound balanced. Not really a fan of how the M9 cable looks with them though personally. Prefer the look of the stock cable. What source do you use with your Andros? 01032efcf4f03802fbdbe29e52a0df143f8a530b12.jpg
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  11. Colors

    I use both the WM1A and ZX300 :)

    Edit: Andros are so much fun. Because they’re so sensitive to source and cable changes (imo), probably because of the impedance swing, you can really play around and adjust according to your liking. I found AG sounds best just stock cable + WM1A (3.5mm), AndroS sounds best with my 1555CU stock cable (also 3.5mm 1A) and OG sounds best out of the 4.4mm 1A + my new Trinton Cardas cable (some of the best audio I’ve ever heard).
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2019
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  12. pallydou
    So is it now a showcase for upgrade cables? :jecklinsmile:

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  13. Ghisy
    Hey, what cable is this please?
  14. Damz87
    Thanks for the info! So far with the stock cable, I‘ve only been able to match the Andros properly with my Fiio q5s + THX amp module. With the TA-ZH1ES and DMP-Z1 they sound really anaemic. I’m assuming their output impedance is too high. WM1Z was better, but the Q5S sounds best. Full bodied, airy and detailed. Improved further with the balanced cable which surprised me because I thought balanced would have a higher impedance?

    I’ll try WM1Z with the M9 cable and report back :)
  15. arftech
    I’m running balanced. Haven’t tried SE yet.
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