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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. sonickarma
    Ken generally speaking would you agree with @audio123 :

    Andromeda signature is for vocals


    Nova is full bodied, warm and dark

  2. jeffri
    audio123 thanks! I enjoyed TWF41 myself, have been using it with my DX90 for well over a month now and is currently my daily driver. I agree that it is warm, I don't find it to be too thick, but I have no experience with thin sounding IEM either, so I can't make a good judgement myself. And my ear definitely isn't trained to hear any coherence issue, but it is a hybird dynamic and planar, so I guess it's expected to some degree. :)

    Happy to know Nova is better in technicality! I have some problem with TWF41 fit, hopefully Nova fit my ear better and can be my daily driver.
  3. audio123

    lush and creamy sounding would be a better choice of words [​IMG]
    yes fitting for twf41 is like ckr10
    i heard a dap is not enough to drive it fully though [​IMG]
  4. jeffri

    I'm still struggling with the choice of audiophile words. :D

    I don't find it to be hard to drive, but between DX90 and the Radius LCH91 DAC/Amp, it doesn't change drastically. Maybe I'll try with some better Amp if I have the chance.

    Getting a bit off topic, now back to Nova. :)
  5. gurus
    Looks like my NOVA might have shipped.
    I just got an email from CA to review the product I purchased.
  6. audio123
    Who is aware of a red colour orion? I just found out :p
  7. FlacAlac

    I got this email to.  However, didn't get any shipping info so I'm not sure it's been shipped.
  8. niron
    I think it's a Campfire Jupiter. 
  9. audio123
    its orion exclusive for cafe ak in korea lol
  10. audio123
    Another limited edition Orion this time from Japan!
  11. niron
    I stand corrected, it appears there are more stunning colors like this one:
    Campfire Audio Orion Sky 
    Picture by labomber
  12. audio123
    Will the different editions sound different as compared to the original version? For example, the Korea edition is tuned for korea music and ak players LOL
  13. kimD

    Wow mate, you're so damn good, now still here, not getting sleep yet.
    Now I was found that, you be my passed on CA here, do more research from their special CA edition :)
  14. Brooko Contributor
    I haven't heard them yet - but I'm really confused - and wondering why the graph actually says these have great upper mids, but you're claiming they're not.
    The upper mid-range starts from just after 1 kHz - and it is precisely in the 2-3 kHz range where the Nova has a slight rise.  It's only about 2.5 dB - but its exactly this frequency range which gives air and sweetness to female vocals.  The range at 3.5-4.5 has virtually no effect on vocals and its an area a lot of manufacturers dip.
    I'm hoping someone else who has actually heard the Novas (for a decent amount of time) will chime in.
    scrypt and ngoshawk like this.
  15. doofalb
    MD Nova drop just ended...
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