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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. audio123

    as upper mids is my favourite section and I listened to female vocals, the nova I would say is dark and lack the energy.
    However, the imaging and presentation is good without a doubt. I try to appreciate the sound of it but I need the boost in upper mids.
    Still considering if I should plunge for the Nova for its technicality.
  2. justjag
    Thanks for the reply. My impressions after applying EQ is similar. I guess I will have to pass on the Novas. Hoping to try the Orion with the new litz cables. I am a cable agnostic but I still bear hope that the new Orion will have a healthy boost in the bass, in which case it would be perfect for me. Fingers crossed!
    P.S As a reference, what IEMs are you currently using?
  3. audio123
    check my profile i change daily haha
    today im using fad fibass
  4. Satsugai
    Any other opinions of the Andromeda? We have several impressions to sample from, but more is always welcome! :)
    Mine will be here tomorrow. I'm taking the day off to receive and provide some initial impressions.
  5. kimD

    From what I know, if Orion plug in Alo sxc24 sound nice too
  6. ngoshawk

    I'm confused Audio123. You initially said you listened to the Novas for five seconds, took them off and really didn't like them. Have you listened to them again, and for a longer period of time to garner the above thoughts?

    I would appreciate the clarification, so I may understand your listening development of the Novas. Cheers.
  7. audio123

    yes retried again to verify it and my initial impressions is right which is why i took them off after 5 seconds as upper mids is lacking. my ears are quite sensitive when there is no upper mids for me hehe. most all my iems are rather strong in upper mids because i love vocals.
    ngoshawk likes this.
  8. gurus
    May I ask how were you able to get hold of the NOVA to listen to for an extended session? Obviously you don't own one as they have not been shipped to end users.
  9. audio123

    2nd day of fujiya avic
  10. audio123
    I make a statement too fast on the first day but upon auditioning on the 2nd day, I understand whats the sound.
  11. jeffri
    audio123 are you using the silicon ear tips when listening to Nova?
  12. audio123
    If I remember correctly yes on the first day but unsure on the second day which might sway my decision.
  13. audio123
    to sum up, those who like vocals should go for Andromeda while those who like a full bodied, warm, dark(not that dark just not my cup of tea) sound should go for Nova.
    Both iems are excellent in the technicality so go for your favourite sound signature.
  14. jeffri
    audio123 thanks! I would love to go straight to Andromeda, but I'm not ready to spend TOTL price yet. :) That said, I could enjoy some warm IEM. Have you heard Radius TWF41? If you had, how would you compare them?
  15. audio123

    yes i have tried them before. My initial impression is thick and warm sounding. Have the privilege to try them twice at canjam and the faf. Not my cup of tea as I love upper mids [​IMG]
    There is a slightly off coherence for the mids section imo. totally different sounding. nova is more technical. given the twf41 is a planar iem, think it needs to be driven by amps to reach its full potential. based on sound signature and technicality, nova wins this.
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