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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Kundi
    I was strong! No i was weak! Oh well...
  2. gurus
    Maybe now they will ship the pre-orders for the NOVA. That was quite clever!
  3. doofalb

    Same here :) I joined the drop on the second day, cancelled yesterday and was about to join again half an hour ago when I was that it was at 199/200. Someone else got the last and I'm not sure if I should be sad or happy. Saved some money for sure on something that I didn't really need. Looking forward to the upcoming impressions and reviews tho
  4. Ozbourn

    200 units! Sounds like they sold a ton more than expected. People love a sale!
  5. musiclvr
    I actually ordered Novas and than canceled, twice on MD! I am going to be interested in hearing what others think of the Novas once they have shipped. I think it was a great value purchase but I am quite content with my Andromeda and I feel it checks all the boxes for me.
  6. jeffri

    Just got notified by payment error. LOL

    Thanksfully it's working smoothly by re-entering the payment info. :D

    Last time I checked, it was at 160-ish, seems like FOMO taking effect. Now time to wait.
  7. shotgunshane Contributor

    Just thinking out loud here and extrapolating- The outer ear boosts these upper mid frequencies by about 12 db's or so, according to diffuse field ear drum response, so typically you'd want to see a fairly large boost here on IEM raw measurements. A diffuse field compensation would probably show a 9 or 10 db dip there, and that might be why he considers them darker sounding. Also it's worth noting I've seen tests were the average users hearing can vary in this area by 4 or 5dbs, so one man's dark or recessed is another's slightly laid back or fairly neutral.
    jeffri likes this.
  8. gurus
    Just got a tracking # for my NOVA's. Hopefully should have them by the weekend. 
    ngoshawk likes this.
  9. Satsugai
    Anyone else receive their Andromeda? Thoughts?
  10. ExpatinJapan
    Audio123 described the Nova as technical and thats a fair assessment, as some described the Andromeda as holographic.

    It is a fairly even IEM overall.
    Bass and treble are moderate.
    The bass can be increase or decreased via tip rolling.
    With the stock tips the highs are airy and realistic than extended.

    I had a good listen yesterday on my many commutes and found I could use the M tips instead of the L size. Much better.

    I also fell asleep on the train twice....with the Novas in.
    audio123 and pr0b3r like this.
  11. ExpatinJapan
    I'm excited that some of the the Novas have been shipped.

    I will be able to read soon If my impressions were accurate (where upon I shall bathe in the glow and glory of forum adulation for accuracy) ....or whether I was way off (and then hunted down and publicly whipped for my poor assessment).

  12. TC44
    Got in on the Nova drop and will now anxiously await for them to arrive. I ordered a FIIO X3 II to compliment them and should make for a sweet portable rig. I've been mainly using my Samsung Note 2 and a pair of ER4P so should be a nice upgrade for the DAP and will be interesting to compare the IEMs.
  13. HiFlight
    According to tracking, I should receive both my Andromeda and Nova this Friday!
  14. ajaxender
    I joined the drop last night before bed (NZ time) and was intending to flip-flop this morning about maybe leaving the drop and going straight for an Andromeda - my favourite colour, beautiful frequency graph, wonderful impressions so far, but the price... Would be nice for Massdrop to make it more clear exactly when a drop ends, haha. Still, this will be a good audition, if Campfire earns 500 of my moneys with the Nova then perhaps they will deserve three times that at a later date.
  15. goldendarko
    Damn just sat down for the night to get in on the nova drop and it appears it's ended early. Guess I can just save up for the andromeda now
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