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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Brooko Contributor
    I wouldn't worry about it - here's why
    • Our hearing is at its most sensitive from about 1-3 kHz, so you'll perceive those frequencies louder anyway.
    • If you recheck the Nova graph you'll find that at 1 kHz - you could draw a straight line from 20-20K, and that's more likely to be your perceived average.  So from that point, early upper mids (2-3 kHz) get a pretty small 2.5 dB bump, and then 3-4 kHz gets a pretty small 2.5 dB dip.  It is all relative.
    • The most important area for vocals - sometimes called the presence area - is from 1.5-2.5 kHz.  This is often the area that needs a small rise to have cohesion between upper and lower mids, and gives sweetness in particular to female vocals. Nova ticks those boxes nicely.
    • A number of very well regarded IEMs will have much bigger dips in the 3-4kHz area (relative to the 1-2 kHz zone) than the Nova, and this includes DUNU Titan 3 and 5, Noble's Savant, Jay's q-Jays, and CA's Orion (which is one of the best tuned single BA's I've ever heard).  None of these IEMs lose any excitement or energy in their presentation. 
    I mentioned it directly to Ken earlier - personally I can't wait to hear the Nova - the actual shape of the frequency response looks to be to be one of the best dual BA graphs I've seen.
  2. justjag
    Thanks for the reply Brooko. The reason for my concern was because the 3khz region seemed to be very recessed as compared to the harman target response curve. Moreover, if our ear is more sensitive to that region, wouldn't it mean that any dips in that area would also be more easily perceived?

    I have heard the Orion, and I do agree it has a fantastic tuning, easily my favourite out of the CA lineup then, though I did wish it had more bass. By comparison, the Nova does have more prominent bass, and I was worried it would result in an overly warm sound.

    Doing a very rough comparison between the graphs of the Nova and Im02 (which I own), I managed to equalise my IEMs to approximate the sound of the Nova. From what I heard, there certainly is some loss of energy and openness in the upper mids, but my ears got accustomed pretty quick and I now dig the smooth sound. Chances are, I am probably going to snag a pair before the massdrop ends.
  3. shockwaver
    You can check it for yourself. EQ your current headphone 4~5 dB down at 3.5k with q factor of 1.5.
     The difference could be night and day on some music, or evening and night on some others.
    If you don't hear it, good for you. Just don't jump to the conclusion that the other music you haven't listen to will be fine with the dip.
  4. audio123
    orion has nice tuning but nova has smth unique (need more auditions with it)
    there a slight hint of lime ears aether [​IMG] when i tried it
  5. Brooko Contributor
    You'd have to also mimic the rest of the frequency response to get an idea.  Just dropping 3-4 kHz down on any IEM won't tell you anything.  And why do you need to go down 5dB. As I stated previously - if the ave flat-line response is around the 1 kHz mark, then it has a rise of 2.5 db, above and a drop of 2.5 dB below.
    And I have plenty of IEMs with a far deeper drop (refer those ones I listed) to know that with the proper tuning you won't notice it.
    I see you show no gear in your profile.  Just out of interest - what are your main IEMs?
  6. Brooko Contributor
    With the Orion, I measured a close to 10dB drop between 2-4 kHz (my gear is nowhere as good as Ken's so I'm hoping he posts an Orion graph at some stage).  Anyway - the point is that you lose none of that excitement with the Orion do you?  So why should a much smaller drop with the Nova lose it?
    It sounds like you and I have similar tastes - so I'm betting the Nova will be great for you [​IMG] 
  7. audio123
    brooko do u have the chance to ab aether and nova side by side [​IMG] 
    curious on ur thoughts
  8. WCDchee
    I think you guys have to take into account the difference in the FR measurement method. Ken's graphs are not compensated, unlike other graphs which usually use some form compensation. Matching a compensated graph to an uncompensated one is not going to make them sound the same :)
  9. Brooko Contributor
    Yeah I was talking about raw - I'm a bit like Ken, would prefer to use raw than compensated.
  10. Brooko Contributor
    Sorry - not likely to get the chance to try Aether (I'm many 1000s of kms from the makers - and they don't know I exist [​IMG]), and I'll wait to hear the Nova eventually when it goes on tour.
  11. audio123

    haha alright mate cheers. i feel a resemblance to aether but curious if anyone share the same thoughts
  12. justjag
    I do think so :) 
    Update: I realized I EQed the upper frequencies wrongly initially and after making the adjustments the result is very warm and thick. I believe this is due to the boosted bass and the slightly reduced peak at 2.5kHz compared to the Orion. Darn, and I was going to pull the trigger too.
  13. Zenthelld

    I just read a review for the Aethers and the reviewer made them sound very good. They have 5 drivers vs the Novas 2 and they're at least twice the price, but you think they sound pretty close? That's obviously great if so :D
  14. audio123

    i think of aether when i tried the nova. i dont think they sound pretty close but there are hints of it in the nova
  15. justjag
    Could you comment on the upper mids of the Nova? Is it dark and lacking in sparkle and energy? (eg. female vocals)
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