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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. ngoshawk

    I have the P1's and absolutely LOVE them. They provide a really nice warm full sound, with decent bass reach. This really was my "Pinnacle" IEM...until the Nova came along. I jumped on the Drop, and will happily audition the P1 against the Nova.

    For $115, the P1 is an incredible bargain. I have not had any problems with the MMCX cables, nor fit. They are my daily driver. Using Comply's the sound is just what I am looking for, albeit a bit hard to drive with my 6+. But, as I said I jumped on the Nova. I will probably give the P1's to my son or wife, should I like the Nova more. Or keep them for comparison purposes.

    I don't think I helped you decide, except that they are both incredible pieces of kit. Choose one, be happy, and save for the Andromeda if you desire. I can say with a high degree of certainty that the Nova will be the last expensive pair I purchase for a long time. :cold_sweat:

    Best of luck, cheers!
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  2. twibmassa
    Haha....halfway through your post I'm like "this is great but not helping my decision making." lol. Thanks. FOMO is kicking in on both of these and uncertain what to do but leaning towards the Novas. I don't buy many mid/hi fi iems...so kind of want to splurge a bit and hope for the best.
  3. FlacAlac
    Me too!  Thank you Ken and CA! [​IMG]
  4. ngoshawk

    Then I would jump on the Novas, and hold no regrets, and I love my P1's. The P1's will still be around used, if you desire down the road. My gut says you would like the P1, but regret missing the Nova drop. Heckuva price.

    Now, I hope this helped!
  5. kwk1

    I here you on Massdrop, I emailed on Saturday about shipping carriers to Canada and haven't heard back except for an instant reply.
    Thanks to everyone who has given their impressions on the Nova.
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  6. gc335
    Have you bought something from Jet.com?  Good experience?  That's a killer deal!
  7. twibmassa
    Yes. Very legitimate site but it is kind of a middleman service that displays the best deal from multiple sellers. I've ordered from them with no problems. It's usually for more common household items and what not bet sells a little of everything. Think Amazon but in its infancy.
  8. gc335
    Thanks!!  I'll look into it.
  9. zaintachik
    I lost my JH5 n dx90 and so to replace it bought dx80, mojo n ue900. Never really enamoured with ue900 well hopefully this will be my top mobile set up
  10. nmatheis Contributor
    Lord help me, I just joined the Nova drop :evil:
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  11. moedawg140 Contributor
    My impressions of the Campfire Audio Andromeda I have in hand:
    Hopefully I'll be able to add more.
  12. nmatheis Contributor
    Safe to say you like them moedawg140? There's a reason I said these were my personal standout at the recent Portland meet. Ken & Co. took their time and really did things right with the CFA lineup!
  13. kimD
    My feeling was Sad for today.., someone in US is already had in hand..

    Where is mine :frowning2:
  14. twister6 Contributor
    Never mind the impressions or the review, that was one ONE SICK backflip!!!  Holy crap Maurice!!!
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  15. onyxwulf

    Same here. Couch life here I come.
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