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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. niron
    Ha! Do you feel the pressure on your shoulders? :wink:
    Anyways, thanks for clarifying.
  2. ngoshawk

    Your thoughts and permutations have been IMMENSELY helpful. I use Comply's mostly and am glad you have done your homework with all types of tips for all kinds of musical tastes. You have been more than generous with your responses to everyone.

    Many thanks again! Cheers.
  3. niron
    I second that.
  4. Zenthelld
    It does seem a bit of a shame to give one person both the (near) entry level model and the topest tier model, as it would obviously be hard to stay unbiased towards the higher model. But your impressions have been helpful to me and I thank you very much for giving them :)

    Can you possibly compare them to similar models such as the Westone UM Pro 30s?
  5. trebire
    Given the price of Nova in Massdrop, I'm highly considering joining the drop, even though I've already allotted for the Andromeda (just waiting it to be locally available).
  6. nmatheis Contributor
    FYI: At the Portland meet, Ken set up the CFA lineup with foamies (not Comply) except for Nova. For Nova, he used silicon.
  7. shockwaver
  8. WCDchee
    I much prefer the other type of foams that campfire provides as compared to comply sonically. The foams that he supplies take the highs down very very slightly, just a slightl smoothening. Comply's just destroy all the highs haha.
  9. shockwaver
    the wax guard of Tx series is to blame, I think. The other type of foam tips they(CFA) provide has no brand name. Chinese products? I dunno. 
  10. kimD
    Comply foam > spinfit > normal rubber eartips
  11. WCDchee

    Even the non wax guard versions have that problem for me.
  12. shockwaver
  13. M3NTAL
    Is there some sort of trick to getting the compy tips on? I'm having a very hard time getting them all the way on - and an even harder time getting them off without destroying them!  I've used comply tips on many other phones, but the 400 series tips seems just a bit undersized for these nozzles. 
  14. twister6 Contributor
    Relative to your ear anatomy, maybe [​IMG]  For me personally, spinfits are the worst - no seal and hardly any isolation due to a soft cap (even with the largest size), and I can't stand comply tips because of a wait time to expand (I like earpieces quickly in'n'out of my ears).  Plus with foam tips you have to squeeze them before inserting and with Andromeda I want to control the depth of the insertion so these doesn't work for me.  I also can't insert any double/triple flange eartips, so only stuck with wide firm cap silicone eartips.  Again, PURELY subjective preference which is heavily based on our ear anatomy [​IMG]
  15. eugene2
    Boy oh boy even though i lost my Jupiters and orig AK 100II, Friday I received my Andromeda's joined the Massdrop for Novas and today I received my AK 320. All in all feels like Xmas. Nothing is broken in I had my buddy load the AK with some high rez and some flac files converted in his Antipodes DX. The two together AK and Andromeda grab bass and hold it tight very tight. The mids are silky smooth, this is heavenly. If this gets better in time I'm happy. They remind me of my Vapor Audio Joule speakers and that is high praise.
    I guess my JH Audio Roxanne series I will retire to Audiogon...
    audionewbi likes this.
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