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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. kwk1
    Someone on Headpie just did an unboxing and said a review soon to follow.
    I want more info as well before massdrop is over.
  2. ExpatinJapan
    I will take the Nova out today and post some impressions tonight.
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  3. ngoshawk

    Much appreciated!
  4. ExpatinJapan
    These were my impressions of the Nova a few days back. Updated imoressions today.
  5. nmatheis Contributor

    You won't be disappointed, mate!

    Again, you won't be disappointed. I'm pretty sure I'm going to join the drop after hearing them at the Portland meet :wink:

    I tried Orion awhile ago, but it didn't click with me earlier. Really liked them this time, though. Just let my buddy at work try them for the day. He's not an audiophile per SE but does know good sound. He really liked them, too. Good stuff KB!
  6. ExpatinJapan
    I havent tried the Orion.

    Here are some brief rough impressions of thr Nova for those who are stressing about the end of the Massdrop soon.

    Campfire Audio Nova, 184 hours burn in.

    Centrance Hifi -skyn, ipod 6G 128GB with Falcplayer app by Dan Leehr, G1. Output impedance 1ohm or less.
    JVC spiral tips

    My notes:

    The basics before the particulars.

    Large soundstage, imaging is good, great instrument separation, nice layering. Fast, clean and clear.


    Lots of low end at times(sub bass?).
    Although ok at moderate listening levels.
    Vocals are good, smooth and accurate.
    Treble is smooth and clear, not extended or sparkly.
    A kind of flat reference sound at times, although not reference due the bass at times.
    Smooth and rounded.
    Bass gives it body.
    Not energetic, but can be lively.
    Not V or U shaped.

    More tonight. Although I think thats the guts of it.

    Its a good product, half the price of the Jupiter and Andromeda of course but still a great performer within its price point.

    I hope this rambling notes and the earlier notes paint a picture and are helpful.

    jeffri likes this.
  7. audio123
  8. ExpatinJapan
    Unfortunately I dont have Lyra or Orion to compare.....

    .....or the Continental...my precious. LOL.

    :frowning2: Ha ha.

    And I havent given them a good enough listen to comment. You know the rules. No commenting on gear you havent heard :wink: heehee
  9. audio123
    ah icic. yeap definitely.
  10. kwk1
    Thanks for the Nova impressions expatinjapan.
  11. ExpatinJapan
    Changing from JVC Spiral tips to the stock silicone tips the bass is tamed more, and the highs have a bit more sparkle.
  12. nmatheis Contributor

    This makes more sense. I only heard them briefly, but I wouldn't describe them as bassy or treble shy. I only listened with stock silicon tips, though. With those, bass was nice n punchy but not bass forward in my opinion. Top end was sparkly but not bright. Definitely stood out as the most deviating from the house sound to my ears.

    Finger hovering over the Join button on MassDrop. Shh... Don't tell my wife...
  13. twertlecakes
    Thanks for the information twister! I really liked the soundstage for the w60. I think I'm going to give the andromedas a shot. Appreciate it!
  14. imac2much
    Has anyone had significant time with both the Lyra and Andromeda? I currently own the Lyra and enjoy the sound so I am just wondering how much of an upgrade the Andromeda would be.
  15. jeffri
    @ExpatinJapan Thank you for Nova impression! Think you can try the foam or Comply tips? My ear prefer foam tips, but sometime I found the sound could get too dark with foam. Appreciate your response.
    Thanks! :)
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