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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. cutthroat
    Thank you for getting your review up so quickly! Reading your impressions has made me even more excited to get my Andromedas tomorrow.
  2. shockwaver
    Got my Andromeda today, not opened yet. I'll be a critic. Expect no hype from me. Hehe
  3. Satsugai
    Preordered the Andromeda today.
    Thanks @ExpatinJapan for your review, and to everyone else in this thread for your opinions.
  4. HiFlight
    I'm also in for the Andromeda. Looking forward to comparisons with my pre-ordered Nova.
  5. goldendarko
    I'll be in like Flynn once there's a 2.5mm balanced cable option :wink:
  6. alvinmate
    Thanks for your insight....after reading your post I was very close to pulling the trigger but somehow I held myself....rational decision would be to audition them first...[​IMG]
  7. rantng
    I applaud your ability to remain rational. Rational thinking rarely factors into my purchasing decisions. [​IMG]
  8. twertlecakes
    Hi everyone, been creeping head-fi for a while now. I've always loved listening to music and throughout the years (in my early 20s) I've worked through quite a few earbuds and iems. I'll admit I'm a relative newbie with everything but I do love seeing reviews and listening to favorite songs with new gear. So I was thinking of splurging on the andromeda for myself. I've primarily used Westone iems (westone um pro10, westone 3, w30) and I just wanted to know if anyone had any insight on how big of a gap there was between the w30s I have now and the andromedas? I've been debating on the w60s for a long time but I'm really drawn to the design of the Campfire Audios. I would really appreciate any comparisons or general suggestions on what to look for and stuff. Thanks!
  9. Zenthelld
    Can the Novas be driven decently enough from a smartphone? I have a C5D but wouldn't want to have to take it everywhere.
  10. ExpatinJapan
    Yes, sounds about right.
    Thanks! (To you and others who have kindly commented.
    kind regards
  11. doofalb
    Just out of curiosity: do you consider the K10 (universal or custom) as reference?
  12. WCDchee

    No. The k10 custom is too warm and lush and soft to be considered reference. The aluminium one, I need more time, but it just doesn't have that sense of control that the andromeda has :)
  13. EternalShadow
    Pretty much, 2 days left to get a more detailed impression of the Nova before I need to make a decision to get them or not. 
    Help a brotha out, please!!!
  14. twister6 Contributor
    W60 is warmer, smoother, more laid back, slower and looser bass with a bit of spillage into lower mids, and thicker lower mids and smoother/warmer detailed upper mids, less sparkle in treble.  Andromeda is smooth as well, but faster, tighter, and with a more articulate bass and better control/separation from mids, leaner lower mids, more revealing detailed upper mids, and more sparkle/airiness in treble.  Soundstage is very close in comparison, but due to more lushness and warmness W60 doesn't have as good layering and separation in comparison to Andromeda.  It's actually very impressive how Andromeda does a perfect yin-yang of revealing detailed sound wrapped in a blanket of smoothness.
    qsk78 likes this.
  15. gurus
    For some reason Campfire is not shipping the NOVA that was pre-ordered. So except for a few reviewers who have them you won't get any impressions from any real users.
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