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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Amsterdam
    Yeah me to... I orderd the Nova but now i am looking for a 2.5 balanced for it. Since i ow the Onkyo DP-X1. Will there come a 2.5 'm version of the litz cable? What other cable is ok for the Nova? Is the
    ALO Tinsel Earphone Cable ok ?

  2. kimD

    If you don't mine pay for slightly higher a bit, can try with SXC 24 balanced, the quality of sound will drive you crazy.

    Now i have 2 set of sxc24 totally love this
  3. ExpatinJapan
    As mentioned I changed to the stock supplied silicone tips.

    My notes:
    Bass has decreased to a natural level.
    More organic and smoother.
    Balanced over the spectrum of lows/mids/highs.
    Treble now is quite sweet. No sibilance i think. More extension.
    Good width and extension.
    Still a fast response.
    Silky smooth accurate vocals.
    Better height, not too much.
    Good overall detail and separation.
    Better balance over the freq.
    Crisp and concise, fast response.

    *lesson learned. Supplied stock tips first, then try other tips.

    *I will try the Comply when i have time.

    *tip rolling with the Nova can give different results, so you can probably alter the sound to your liking a bit via tips.
  4. ngoshawk

    Thank you again for your impressions on the Nova. I think your interpretations have eased quite a few minds. I was sold after reading about CA, and the relationship Ken has with several of you on Head-Fi. Plus I really liked the quality of the Nova.

    Now just the wait! Thanks again.
  5. EternalShadow
    The impression of the Nova with Silicone tips has pretty much sold me. 
    Will be intrigued to hear if it changes again with the foam or comply tips.
    Very much appreciated for taking time away from Andromeda to listen to Nova.
    I had a rough day at work (13 hours starting at 4 AM) yesterday and so I came off as especially desperate :)
  6. shockwaver
    Nova has a dip around 3.5k. I suppose that kind of tuning will not work well on some tracks with high voice or strings or mellotron.
    I don't know what kind of music Nova users listen to, but I recommend these songs for checking it out. They can be easily found on the net.
    See if these songs sound muffled or dull.
    King Crimson - The Court of the Crimson King
    The Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight
    Flaming Lips - Race for the Prize
    Joy Division - I Remember Nothing
    Led Zeppelin - Friends
  7. ExpatinJapan
    [​IMG] sounds ok to me.

    Can you more information for what I should be looking for. Thanks.
  8. shockwaver

    Bonzo's bongos and Robert's high voice. Check it on your other headphones without the dip and compare.
  9. d marc0

    This is from memory of the Lyra so it may not be as accurate as real time comparison.

    Expect the Andromeda to have faster, tighter, and more articulate bass. More contrast between bass drums and bass guitar.

    Andromeda mids sounds fuller because it's more balanced with the lows whereas the Lyra focuses more on bass.

    Treble is kinda similar between the two but the Andromeda is more refined and articulate.

    In general, the Lyra is warmer and buttery smooth or laid back. The Andromeda retains some of the warmth but reveals more mids, has more clarity and refinement without getting too bright.

    Hope that helps...

    I find the Andromeda an excellent Iem for metal. Not an easy task for an all BA IEM but CA has pulled it off with this one. Currently my favourite IEMs for metal. Satisfying bass in terms of impact, speed and attack. Excellent mids for that full guitar sound or tone. Articulate treble without the harshness. Great imaging so no problem with complex tracks.
    Deftone likes this.
  10. ExpatinJapan
    The Nova with the Comply tips is a nice combination. Doesnt seem to overly increase the bass as usual.
    Highs are slightly tamed as is often the case with the Complys.
    Sounds good to me.

    Tested the led Zep song against the Dita snd Andromeda. Seemed to be closer to the Dita. But Andromeda was still the best.
  11. jeffri
    ExpatinJapan great to hear Nova sounds good with Comply! Now I don't think I'll regret getting this, can't wait for next month. :) Thank you for that, really appreciate your impression.
  12. d marc0

    Thanks for the impressions on the Nova. I'm Also looking forward hear them.

    Great work on the Andromeda review. Totally agree with your assessment.
  13. niron
    Trying to understand the overall subtext between the lines when I get to read about the Nova -- "Good" and "Nice" are not, by any chance, Excellent and Phenomenal, right?
    Not that I'm trying to compare the Nova with its bigger and more expensive sister, the Andromeda, just to the other models on the market at the same price range.  
  14. ExpatinJapan
    Yeah, sorry about that.

    I am getting messages and requests etc about the Nova and how it sounds.

    People are wanting to hear more about the Nova before the massdrop etc ends.

    I have written that these are quick impressions, nothing more. I do feel they fall short of what I would rather write, a consistent review. But as I seem to be the only one in possession of a pair I am trying to shoot out a few rusty thoughts.

    The Nova is not a $200-300 IEM, nor is it in the $700 plus bracket.

    I think it is excellent as an IEM, but when I have the Andromeda sitting here I can easily hear who comes out in top.

    It is a quality IEM, build is great and sound is good. If it is in your price range I think one would be happy with the purchase.

    It doesnt seem to have a V shape as such and one can also customize the sound slightly with tips.

    But no matter what I write people are buying blind and may find it suits, or doesnt suit their Dap or align with their music collection.

  15. kimD
    How come nobody bother Jupiter??
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