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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Mimouille
    No kidding.
  2. rantng
    Is that the same yak in both pics? He must have a great agent!
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  3. trebire
    I like the Orion, but for those who already tried both Orion and Nova, will I notice a performance upgrade in Nova? There are tracks I wish Orion has more lows though..
    ..I'm really tempted with the Massdrop offer
  4. nmatheis Contributor

    I can't say there's more low end, but Nova did sound punchier than Orion during my quick test drive.
  5. kimD
    Technically talks, Nova are the better & recent.
    Comes with 2 BA at least & included Litz cable as well, the housings also were same size as Jupiter & Andromeda, if I not wrong

    Just the Lizt cable worth for $150 at least, then the rest for Nova only pay with $200 :)
  6. nmatheis Contributor
    Shells are same (or at least really close) for the CFA BA lineup. Only Lyra is notoceably different.
  7. alvinmate
    I currently own DITA with LPG and was wondering if Andromeda would be a significant upgrade? Curious about the obvious categories soundstage, depth and bottom end...
  8. KB Contributor
    My dog is a mini yak. love it. mud paw.
    FullSizeRender7.jpg IMG_0993.jpg
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  9. kimD
    To @alvinmate

    There are depend who you asking from.
    If I am the salesman definitely you must buy.
    If I am the consumer, please on hold and do with audition first then decide again, otherwise you had tried Jupiter before LOL.
    At the end still trust your ears :)
  10. onyxwulf

    This I would also like to know. So far have resisted the drop and just picked up a pair of Trinity Atlas' which I am super happy with.
  11. cynan
    You gave quite the glowing review of the FLC8S. Would you care to comment about how the Nova (or even Andromeda) might compare? (At the Massdrop price, the FLC8S and Nova price is similar).
  12. shockwaver
  13. nmatheis Contributor

    I've spent countless hours with FLC8S and find myself returning to them time and again. It's a great IEM that bridges nicely between mid and upper tier IEM.

    I spent but a few minutes with Nova and wasn't taking notes - just enjoying. As such, I think it would be unfair for me to judge one vs. the other. And with FLC8S being a highly tunable IEM, what I'd ideally do is to try and configure it to best match Nova's sound and compare that. No such opportunity arose. What I will say is that I was intrigued enough that I told Ken I would've purchased a pair on the spot if they'd been up for bids at the fundraiser auction. I wouldn't have said that if I didn't think that were good. And I'm seriously thinking about joining the drop. Shh... don't tell my wife :wink:

    As far as Andromeda goes, I again did no side by side comparison but would have to say that in this case it wasn't needed. Andromeda was the star of the show for me on Saturday. I preferred it to the other TOTL IEM I listened to (K10, U10, and U12). FLC8S is really good for the price but not quite that good.

    Hope that helps somewhat. I'm a bit biased to CFA IEM, since they sound great, have stellar industrial design and bombproof build, and different parts of the IEM are manufactured in cities in Oregon I have ties to. Can't say that about any other IEM.
  14. Jackpot77

    No worries - it was a bit of a left field question anyway! :wink: Got the HEM2 recently via Massdrop and have been very surprised just how listenable it is, so was just wondering where the Nova sound would slide into that range as I'm on the Massdrop for that as well. Guess I'll find out in a month or so!
  15. kimD
    Wow what Ken did the Orion?
    Just went to audition today for Orion.
    The sound not that bad to be compared my Jupiter.

    The sound definitely are smaller Jupiter.
    Bass, treble & mids all in for single BA.

    Now I was realized Nova should be much better than Orion :)
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