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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. WCDchee

    I love my ditas. The ditas however, I must admit, are not the most versatile and forgiving IEMs. They are extremely resolving and transparent, and when fed the right stuff sound awesome. They've also got some advantage in the way they produce bass, the slam and the naturalness of the decay, because those are really areas where dynamic Drivers typically have some advantage in.

    The andromeda, I found, is a somewhat more versatile and sweeter sound, with a more forgiving upper end. What I really love about it over the ditas is the amazing soundstage. It's very noticeably more spacious and open. Don't get me wrong about the bass, the andromeda has really excellent bass, but really, Dynamic Drivers, when done well, really do have their way with bass.

    I can't say which is more transparent and resolving (again dita has a couple of models, the answer, the truth, the brass editions), and too many variables, different cables and what not, plus I really haven't done a serious side by side comparison, but yes, as a Dita user, I am pretty sure you will be very happy with the Andromeda, I loved it when I heard it :)
  2. trebire

    thanks. But if you're in my place, given that I will acquire the Andromeda eventually, should I replace my Orion and join Massdrop? Or just go straight to Andromeda?
  3. ExpatinJapan
    Here we go.... (I wish I wasn`t the first).
    Be gentle :wink:
    kind regards
    Satsugai likes this.
  4. goldendarko
  5. ExpatinJapan
    I know. I think i should have uncovered some negatives ..but nothing really stood out.
  6. WCDchee

    Hey, don't worry about your assessment of he sound, you definitely got the gist of it down. That's my exact assessment of the andromeda too, it's a sweet take on reference sound :)

    It's not dead reference that's for sure but it does some things in reference like quality, the way everything is so clean cut, tight, and controlled, even in the way it stages and images, it's got a sense of precision and control that I would expect to hear in a studio :) hence my description of a sweeter take on reference sound.

    Does that match what you hear? :)
  7. audio123

    go straight to andromeda, its in a different league [​IMG]
  8. trebire

  9. gmKevinHNgu
    @KB I find that using memory wire isn't comfortable for me, mainly because of my glasses. I'm wondering if I use box cutters or an extacto knife to peel the memory wire off. Then, pull with pliers or use wire cutters to cut the bendable metal short. If I do that, will the braid underneath still be a braid? If so, should I pull or cut the metal?
  10. nmatheis Contributor

    Just curious. Had you tried Orion previously and felt there was a difference?
  11. twister6 Contributor
    Click and take a closer look at the picture I posted before:
    The bendable wire piece of "memory wire" goes all the way to the inside of the connector housing and you will not be able to pull it out.  Don't have Andromeda in front of me to confirm if that wire even soldered to the connector inside.  This is a high level of craftsmanship to reassure longevity of memory wire so it stays in place as you pull on the cable when disconnecting mmcx connector.  It's actually pretty cool that Ken designed this cable with all see through housing, including 3.5mm jack.  On top of the bendable wire piece you also have a flexible clear tube for comfort.
    Personally, I wouldn't touch the cable because you gonna end up either breaking the connector or damaging the wire.  If this really an issue, maybe you can request a special order cable, made without memory wire?  Or another alternative is to get something like Linum BaX.  I haven't done enough in-depth testing to tell you a sound difference when switching to BaX (I guarantee, there will be at least a subtle difference), but that Linum cable is super thin and nearly invisible - perfect for those wearing glasses, and they use quality mmcx connectors.  Otherwise, this new ALO Litz cable is actually very good, the first time I have zero urge to use any of my other replacement cables.
  12. audio123
    going to get an andromeda [​IMG]
  13. gurus
    It was Andromeda or Deserttrip. 
    Since I just scored the tickets, Andromeda is out. Though I am still in for the NOVA.
  14. kimD

    LOL usually look at the most pretty Jupiter at the first, yes I did, but no fully tried in detailed.
  15. kimD

    WOW so curious... later we go sit for after having it.
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