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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. jeffri
    New here but looking forward to Nova. I hope there will be more impression coming. :)
  2. d marc0
    The Andromeda review unit has arrived!
    Noticeable improvements from the first line-up of IEMs:
    1. Packaging - the box now comes sealed in plastic. The designer sticker on the box no longer needs to be cut/torn to open the box so it retains the aesthetics after unboxing. Excellent design improvements on the box.
    2. Included cable - very supple and significantly less microphonic. Still looks very nice in ALO cable fashion. One of THE best cables I've tried.
    3. Color - this green shade actually looks better in person. IMHO, only reason not to like it is purely preference.
    4. Dark leather case is a nice variation from the other two that came with the earlier models.
    1. In my experience, what stands out is the bass - I've never heard bass this good coming from a BA iem. I can honestly say the Andromeda is on par, if not better than the T-PEOS H200 - my all-time favourite in bass performance.
    2. Maybe too early for me to call it... but the Andromeda seems to be in the running for the best all-BA IEM I've heard.
    3. DEPTH is really good on these, so naturally IMAGING also follows. Very immersive!
    4. TIMBRE sounds really natural from bass to mids. Well done! Excellent on Drums, strings, piano, and vocals.
    Congratulations @KB, you have a real winner here!
    KB likes this.
  3. gurus
    Tempted to order the Andromeda after all the reviews, and be done with it (IEMs). 
    But I must resist and wait for the NOVA to ship and find out it does the job for me;  fit, sound and isolation. I am not looking for critical listening. But I hope NOVA is more neutral of the two sound wise.
    ngoshawk likes this.
  4. vhsownsbeta

    All the reviews? Which reviews??
    I wouldn't advise spending $1100 on an IEM based on some initial impressions, no matter how emphatic...
  5. gmKevinHNgu
    @KB Hey, I find that using memory wire isn't comfortable for me, mainly because of my glasses. I'm windering if I can peel with box cutters or extacto knife the memory wire off. Then, pull with pliars or use wire cutters to cut the metal short. If I do that, will the braid underneath still be a braid? If so, should I pull or cut the bendable metal?
  6. gurus
    You are right not reviews- impressions,
    And thanks for bringing me back to earth. Mission control to---------/
  7. vhsownsbeta

    Ha, we have all done it. Me; multiple times!
    That said, Andromeda seems like a VERY compelling monitor [​IMG] 
  8. Hisoundfi Contributor
  9. nmatheis Contributor
    Glad to see these in more people's ears. After yesterday's auction, I sincerely believe Ken & Co have created something truly special with the CFA lineup. As d marc0 mentioned, the bass in these IEM (not just Andromeda) sounds very organic.

    I might just have to save up for these...

    EDIT: Oh yeah, the fit on these is great for my ears. No problems getting a nice seal and very comfortable despite the very nice angular industrial design.
  10. Jackpot77

    How do they stack up to the Nuforce HEM series you reviewed recently? I know the price brackets are different, but just wondering if there were any similarities between the Nova and any of the HEM line?
  11. scrypt Contributor
    So far, I've been able to resist joining the Massdrop Two Hundred despite the Nova's beauty and apparent euphony. I'm trying my hardest not to succumb to YMBFEBOPSS (Yak Mesmerized by Faceted Ear Bauble on Pearlescent String Syndrome).
    ngoshawk likes this.
  12. Zenthelld
    Sorry for a potentially stupid question, but...

    Are the Novas leaps and bounds ahead of IEMs such as the Westone UM Pro 30s, PSB M4U-4s and RHA T20s? The normal price is quite a bit higher but if I got the Novas through the Massdrop offer then they'd be about the same. I love the design and philosophy surrounding Campfire Audio but there's very limited impressions of the Novas (obviously) and I don't want to buy just on blind faith.

    Again, sorry if this question seems ignorant.
  13. Currawong Contributor

    I snapped this picture while listening to the Andromedas in Tokyo a week ago. I was impressed with the sound, especially the treble, which is where IEMs seem to have the most trouble. 
  14. KB Contributor
    LOL.    Yak, musk ox, yeti some of my favs.
    ALO Audio Stay updated on ALO Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    scrypt likes this.
  15. nmatheis Contributor

    Hmm... Not sure I can adequately answer that question. I'd loaned the HEM lineup to a buddy (shh... it's our secret :wink: )and hadn't heard them for a couple weeks at the time I auditioned the CFA lineup.. As such, I'm not going to trust my auditory memory on this one. Sorry. At least I'm honest about it, right?
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