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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. nmatheis Contributor
    ExpatinJapan: Seems your time with Nova + Alien Gold closely mirrors my time with Nova + PAW Gold.

    audio123: What source were you using?

    twister6: I'll briefly share my thoughts on the TOTL IEM I heard today. All listening was again with PAW Gold + same 16/44 FLAC for all IEM. CFA Andromeda was the best match for my tastes. I really liked it a lot. Well-balanced. Full-bodied yet spacious. Smooth yet detailed upper end. Very well done. K10 Aluminum was also full-bodied and well-balanced but lacked the spaciousness I got from Andromeda. U-shaped U10 and downward-slope U12 both exhibited the somewhat bad BA behavior of sharp / hissy treble. Wasn't surprised about that with U10 but was surprised the somewhat dark U12 was giving me those issues. Soundstage was also smaller than I'd expected given comments I've read regarding the ADEL modules. Feel like Andromeda had them beat. Perhaps the custom versions of K10 and U10/U12 would've clicked with me better. Don't know. As it is, I sincerely applaud CFA's less is more engineering approach and showing the community that you can make a really top-notch IEM without cramming a jillion BA drivers inside. Great job!
  2. audio123
    nmatheis refresh the page.
    sources used indicated above. :)
  3. nmatheis Contributor

    Ha! You beat me to the punch :p

    Yes, sounds like they're quite source dependent.
  4. audio123
    yes very source dependent. Just a thought anyone tried with Questyle QP1R or Onkyo DP-X1? Think these 2 daps can synergise imo.
  5. kimD

    My iPod touch will do the same format :)
    audio123 likes this.
  6. kimD
    Damn now make me feel that wanna purchase the Nova
  7. ExpatinJapan
    I need to try the Andromeda with the Hifi Skyn and the Alien now.
    And revisit the Jupiter with both sources although I kind of remember what i thought at the time.
    If the Nova is source dependent for maximum enjoyment how would you guys describe your daps, PAW gold, AK380, Cowon S and D daps? Warm or not?
  8. audio123

    s is warm. d is neutral.
  9. ExpatinJapan

    Todays testing pic while you wait.

    A few extra bits and bobs as its house cleaning day.
  10. twister6 Contributor
    @audio123 : UERM is on my future wish list of reviews and comparisons (had many requests for this one), just need to get through my current queue before making future review commitments.  But I have a feeling it will be closer in sound to ES60 which is more neutral-balanced reference quality (Westone needs to make universal version of it, instead of people assuming that W60 will sound like ES60 which is in reality night'n'day).
    @nmatheis : hmm, something sounds off with LPG/U12 pair up you tested, Nik, especially with sharp treble and assuming you were using stock ofc cable (not a fancy pure silver or gold plated silver which can brighten up the sound).  Don't want to hijack CFA thread with other product discussions :wink:
    @Mimouille : I don't have the original K10, but by every indication of my experience using K10UA and reading original K10 reviews, as well as talking to a few people who heard both and whose ears I trust, Aluminum is brighter (could be also a matter of custom vs universal seal).  I definitely would consider Andromeda to be warmer and smoother in relatively comparison to K10U Aluminum, but can't tell you if its on the same level as K10 CIEM or even slightly warmer.  I think high frequency perception is where majority disagrees the most :wink:
  11. audio123
    not sure if thats the case of echobox finder x1 but I am 99% positive
  12. twister6 Contributor
    Damon, I thought you said you cleaned your house today? [​IMG]
  13. ExpatinJapan
    easter eggs galore.
    Yes, it is. Echobox Finder X1.
    Sorry, I uploaded the photo from Tapatalk and it seems to have become gigantic!
  14. audio123
    i see. definitely w60 and es60 is really night and day.
    the uerm is quite a good reference point imho [​IMG]
  15. ExpatinJapan
    Haha, all except the table and the dishes.
    Wife and son are returning from a holiday at the in laws this afternoon. 
    So I must clean the house and cover the tracks of the past few days feral existence out of respect!...and fear.
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