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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. mattiav
    Just got some Symbio W tips in, and they sound pretty good - very similar to the stock foams, with perhaps a touch more isolation, slightly deeper insertion, slightly less bass but a little bit more sparkle on my Andro S. Not a massive difference though. Interested to see what the Spiral Dots I have coming will be like.

    On the flip side, they don’t work at all well with the Atlas - I now understand what driver flex means, and the smalls are too small (fall out) and mediums just don’t work. Foams are staying for those...
  2. twiceboss
    Im using SE right now since my balance is on mail still. Take me at least 2 weeks.

    I will keep the andro until i got the balance cable. I need to try it before losing all hope on it.

    I do reallllyy fcking hope it fixed the issue i had.

    The OI on SE is below 1omh and the balance is below 2omh.

    So balance should be a better pairing for my preference. If not then, that's it. Im returning it.

    So you gave me hope...

    Could you please do the A/B SE and Balance. Im just curious if it is actually my preference is different from the other andros users or the andros se M11 problem
  3. Ryokan
    It wouldn't be a conclusive test as I will only use an Orb copper cable with my Andro's (my preferred choice). I won't pair 'bright' sounding silver cables with them now and the only decent 3.5mm cable I have is the silver cable that came in the box. So I would be comparing SE: which in my opinion is slightly inferior to balanced and with a silver cable that I rate as second to a good copper one (for Andro's at least).

    In my opinion Andro's with the Orb 4.4mm hits the sweet spot for me. I liken it to looking at a coral reef through crystal clear glass seeing lots of detail and color where before my viewing glass was slightly opaque, sometimes I feel like I'm not using iem's but am hearing the music from good speakers - hope my analogy makes sense?
    Again this is just my opinion and I can only compare to what little equipment I've tried, and what works for me, yes don't give up until you've at least tried balanced as for me the Andro's are quite special.

    Edit: By silver I mean silver plated copper.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2019
  4. candlejack
    So you're gonna give up on a $1000 IEM that you loved until now, because it doesn't pair well with a random $400 DAP?!
    ExpatinJapan likes this.
  5. candlejack
    The stock Andromeda cable is silver plated copper litz, not pure silver. Although I'll be honest, I used my Andro for about a week with the Atlas pure silver cable and if there was a difference in sound, it certainly wasn't enough to matter to me.
  6. twiceboss
    Im not giving up due to pairing. It is a 1k IEM and i want to use everyday without hassle of having multiple setup. A dap and an iem, thats it. Thats my ultimate goal for my go to audio.

    If i need to chain iematch, finding a lot of different dap, this and that. Thats really messed up on me. I rather choose an iem that is easy and suit my preference rather than struggling making it suits me.

    I buy the andro, not andro buys me.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2019
  7. twiceboss
    Sorry to say that to my ears, cable doesnt make a massive difference to me.

    So any kind of cable as long it is not a dirt cheap cable would be a decent enough.

    The SE and Balance is the one that change the andro sounds on M11 due to Output Impedance. Thats what im seeking for.

    I do reallt appreciate if you can give a brief on that. Dont let placebo ruins the opinion!
  8. Ryokan

    I'll give SE another go and report back later for what it's worth, and by that I mean I probably will be swayed by both a change in cable and using the lesser SE connection.
    When I first got the Andro's I struggled for the first few weeks with fit and also deciding between silicone and foam tips. Were they worth $1000? I often asked myself though I could tell straight away they had potential but in no way was enamored with them as I am some six months on.

    With regards to hearing a difference between cables although I too was initially skeptical I am now confident I have paired each of my iem's with a cable that best suits them, for me. Also if there is little to no difference above an entry level price point why are there so many different cable manufacturers and no small number of people buying from them? I notice a difference between my Litz, Orb and Westone Epic, subtle yes but it's there nontheless.
  9. theveterans
    Ironically, I find pure silver cable more forgiving in the upper mids as well as sibilance than silver plated copper with Andromeda
  10. Ryokan
    Yet you do notice a difference between certain cables. I haven't listened with a pure silver cable only silver plated copper. I find Andro's bright compared with my W60's and my copper Orb 'tames' them slightly and brings out the low end more.
    theveterans likes this.
  11. twiceboss
    Thanks Ryokan. Looking forward to it!

    Interesting i have no problem with highs of andro. The only problem i faced is vocals+mids+upper bass.

    Am i the only one?

    From the crinacle fr. It looks like three different samples of different andromeda. It could be the one i received is too fxxking warm mids?

    I question myself now...
  12. Ryokan
    Hope I don't disappoint you, I'm not Twister and good with comparisons.

    I also have no problem with the Andro's highs - they are never sibilant to me, it's just I listen to a lot of music which is more bass centric than easy listening type music or classical (which I also enjoy from time to time).
  13. theveterans
    Interesting since this is where impedance mismatch usually occur where vocals and upper bass just blur on the mix. Soundstage decrease is also noted with along with this especially with Chord Mojo as the source.

    If you can give me some songs to test, I'm interested on how they sound to me. I listen to Twice and their vocals are definitely forward and crystal clear sounding with zero upper bass bleed to mids with iPod Touch 7G. To me, pure silver cables pair so well with bright and dynamically compressed tracks
  14. Mirimar
    I just received this cable to use with my Andromeda's and it sounds really nice and has an impedance of less than 0.09Ω so the bass good, mids sound great and the highs are not overbearing. The only problem is that I can no longer use it because the left MMCX connecter is super loose so that is really disappointing :frowning2:

  15. twiceboss
    Thank you!

    ok, let's try: using the SE of M11 of stock litz:

    Twice - Fancy:
    the intro music has no problem but it really lacks "sparkle", and then Nayeon voice sounds like she is singing behind towels or something, most of the voices suffer the same problem.

    Twice - What is love:
    i think i still have the same problem, the voice is really muffle. Details are meh and mostly sounds so distorted. It sometimes reminds me of a cheap earphone.

    What's your listening to these songs?

    edit: it is the problem of M11 SE to Andromedas, the muffle voice is gone if i just do direct to my S10plus. The problem is i can hear distortion and it sounds really not clean.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2019
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