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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. billbishere

    I would be pretty mad if I paid 1k and had to EQ to get them to sound right... Not to mention EQ that much, wow. -9db -7db ---- that's some insane EQ.
  2. twiceboss
    Yeh, andros has some serious source issue. I'll try for a couple weeks more. If i cant fix it. I might be returning it.
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  3. Ryokan
    I think it has more to do with the player than the Andro's.
  4. twiceboss
    the problem with M11 is that it doesnt sound spacious
  5. Ryokan
    I really enjoy Andro M11 pairing, though I struggle to hear any difference playing with the equalizer.

    Bear in mind I haven't listened with many DAPS.
  6. twiceboss
    M11 is decent but it does really sound in a "small room" feeling. Unfortunately, im feeling claustrophobic with anything sound too small.

    Fiio player is really lacking. The eq from it is bad. I am a huge UAPP user. I have the paid version together with its parametric eq. But... M11 doesnt have google support and i cant install any paid app. This makes me wonder if i should keep the m11 and return it. I seriously didnt know that paid app cant be installed on M11......

    Also, im getting xcan for the balance from it. I will update again when i got it. Also, my s10plus actually has a decent audio jack. If xcan can pair with my s10plus really well, i will not hesitate to return the M11

    Edit: also, ive read some users pair the xcan with es100 for the balance and it is astonishing good in terms of soundstage and sound saperation
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2019
  7. hsdw
    90% of cheap sources with akm dac's sounds like this, even highly praised ES100 has this flaw. Bass just eats everything, all sounds opaque even with increased OI (Iematch high = 2.5ohm).
    Something like overly boosted bass impact + wrecked presense range.
  8. AlanU

    Well I'll just say when I tested the Alo Reference 8 balanced cables on my Adro's it made a huge difference with my Astell & Kern Norma. I immediately put the Fiio balanced cable (appox $150 CDN) it was virtually on par with the $400 cable. My perception of the Fiio is that it has marginally wider sound stage and not as smooth as the Reference 8.

    Comparing single ended vs Balanced with the Adro's was an eye opener with the excellent output I get from the Astell and Kern DAP. TMK the Fiio DAP's using balanced section is an improvement but less drastic than the Norma.

    To put things into perspective I just recently auditioned the Kaan Cube from Astell & Kern. The single ended setup with my Andro's using the Kaan Cube was extremely impressive. The sound signature was different with much more confidence then my Norma. Using the Fiio balanced cable with the Cube was even better.

    I used the Campfire Solaris with single ended OE cable on the cube and it still surpassed the Adro's with balanced cable. Installing the Fiio Balanced cable with the Solaris meets pretty much my needs in SQ I'll ever need.

    I walked out of the store with a new pair of Solaris IEM's. I just put my Adro's for sale.

    If I didn't audition the Solaris I will be honest and say the adro's with balanced cable is a fantastic. These IEM's have more than enough sound stage with a more intimate soundstage for vocals then my new Solaris. Even though I have the andro's for sale I'll happily keep them as they are different in sound signature with a nice organic sound for jazz vocals.
  9. twiceboss
    Oh yes, to add up more spice. My s10plus has better sound separation and soundstage than M11.

    S10plus 3.5mm jack has some decent performance and im surprised.

    I will wait for my xcan. That should have a better amp which also has DSP built in
  10. twiceboss
    What dap are u using?
  11. theveterans
    Hopefully X-Can in balanced with 3D+ can finally match your S10+ in soundstage and separation. I keep mine so simple with just an iPod Touch 7G. I can't find any device that synergizes with Andromeda better than that within its price range. Not to mention, I get all streaming apps and complete Apple store as a bonus
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  12. twiceboss

    Well, i scare to disappoint you guys if that doesn't fix the sound into my liking. Mostly due to open ness. Ive read review about andromeda saying it has expansive soundstage etc which makes me jump into it.

    But im more struggling to fix the source rather than enjoying it. If this cant be fix with this. I already have the next option. Isine 20. That surely will give open sound that i want.
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  13. theveterans
    That's why Andromeda's are pretty common in the used market unfortunately. The expansive soundstage can only be experience with very few DAP or source combination because it is just way too sensitive with OI. 64 Audio fixes that issue with their LID feature on their IEMs
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  14. twiceboss
    Well, it could be the "expansive" sound definition differs from what i expect too.

    So yeah, there is nothing much i can do when it comes to audio. I spent almost 3 years to reach my headphones expectation too.

    One thing i like about audio, there would be a sweet spot where i dont feel like to upgrade anymore.

    Same as my hd800 now. Stopped after 3 4 sources changed. I remember i started it with mojo for my hd800 until a rare heron 5. Heron 5 finally can drive my hd800 into my liking. Bad thing about heron 5 is, the only synergy is for hd800. Ive tried with other cans/iem, nothing special. Only works with hd800.
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  15. theveterans
    My definition of expansive is literally "3D space" where sounds from Andromeda can be perceived coming from front left, exactly sideways, top and rear. Out of all IEMs I've demoed, including Campfire Solaris and all of the 64-audio universal IEM lineup (including the Tia Fourte) with my iPod Touch 6G/7G, Andromeda provided the most expansive soundstage and image layering I've heard. That's why I never looked at other DAPs ever after hearing Andromeda with iPod Touch either 6G or 7G. As a testament of the Andromeda being my Endgame IEM, I even added a fancy Effect Audio Cleopatra Octa cable to complete the "Endgame" trifecta of cable, IEM and source that suit listening preference
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