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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Morimoriya 62
  2. beowulf

    Nice! Having fun with both? Which do you prefer, if you have a favorite?
  3. Midgetguy
    Why isn't there an emoji on here for drooling? [​IMG]
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  4. Morimoriya 62
    I love both ,really confused.I think there is no advantage between these two.just different
    Andromeda better air and trible vocal more forward really nice bass ,huge stage very full sound
    Vega bass bass bass ,smoother trible ,vocal laid back ,power and Physical stage
  5. esm87
    Do you think Andromeda will play well with music such as ed sheeran, kings of leon, oasis etc??
  6. musiclvr
    The Andromeda's are have a very linear, almost, forward vocal presentation. Being BA driver based also makes for a speedy leading edge that plays well with singer/songwriter and multi acoustic accompaniment. Very well.
  7. Fatsosixsixsix
    What are my options for buying the Andromeda at a reasonable price within Europe? The only websites I've found which offer international shipping was someone in this thread suggesting contacting Audiotuning (http://www.audiotuning.com/), EMI (https://boulesse.com/de/shops/emi-the-music-store?sb=shop-page),  Kopfhörerboutique (http://kopfhoererboutique.com) and Audio Garden (http://audiogarden.fr/). The last one has dubious reviews and listed on Campfire's website, and I've not read any reviews about the other websites.
    Would have been nice if I could buy them tax-free whilst in Japan later this year, but the two cheapest retailers (e-earphone and Fujiya Avic) are sold out online which suggests I wouldn't be able to find them in-store.
    I was originally thinking about buying the Shure SE846, but most reviews I've read are pretty clear about how the Andromeda is better in most areas
  8. thatonenoob

    ​I spent quite a lot of time with 846 back in the day.  Different signatures, but to me, overall, it's the lesser of the two.  
  9. Morimoriya 62
    I think VEGA Slightly better for ED SHEERAN.On this note that I am using a variety of cables
    For example Andromeda with Silvergarde S
    Vega with SPC X8 plussound or refrence 8 alo
  10. beowulf

    Totally matches what I read so far.  Air, treble detail and holographic soundstage on the Andromeda.
    Bass and a meatier, full lush sound on the Vega.

    Seems the best choice between those two is a non-existing hybrid combining both.:p


    I would say so, but the SE846 are quite nice. It really depends on what you prefer. I like the 846 and the presentation/packaging/accessories is light years ahead of the CA stuff, they look great too, at least the clears.
    But the sound didn't work for me because of the treble rolloff. It always felt as if the was some resolution missing on the high mids and above. Even the white filters or full afterburner didn't solve that. They sound veiled on the high frequencies.

    Very nice punchy bass tho, sounding almost like a big dynamic driver.

    Well put. It's a nice IEM but taking into account the prices, I prefer the Andromeda. If the 846 were a bit cheaper, I'd consider them the wisest choice.
    Also, the 846's cable guides are ridiculously stiff for anyone not moving like crazy while listening.
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  11. Fatsosixsixsix
    The Duty Free shop at Heathrow apparently stock them, so I'd be able to get the 846 for £700 as opposed to the Campfire Andromeda which from an EU seller is probably going to cost £900-£,1100. Then again I heard that after the last Christmas some places were selling the 846 for £650, but I'm not that patient [​IMG]
  12. Morimoriya 62
    I sold 846 ,Andromeda In the higher league
  13. beowulf

    Well I've seen the 846 as low as 693 gbp, which is about 829 eur. I paid around 800e for mine.

    Even at that price I still prefer the Andromeda, it's considerably more but the extra high frequency detail and the holographic soundstage did it for me. Cable too.

    The 846 is fine, but treble detail just isn't there for me. Less resolution, less air and a sense of space/positioning/separation.

    Still, I can understand how some people like them a lot and if bought cheap, can be a wise alternative.
  14. beowulf

    All said in a single sentence, I have to agree.
  15. willowbrook
    Bstock from CA directly and ask them to lower the declared value to lowest as possible. I think I got a reply of $400 and that was the lowest they can do. There aren't many options to avoid import tax...either you get a very low declared value or you have friends in the us military stationed in EU or you bring it yourself via travel or you have someone else bring it via travel.
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