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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. drbobbybones

    Had a mini meet here in LA with @GTecX with two CA beauties. We both prefer the Andromedas, but the Vegas are awesome, especially if you are seeing some bass.

    All the CA products are absolutely top notch. Great company.
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  2. Fatsosixsixsix

    That could be an option, do you know how much B-Stock Andromedas are usually? Even at $400 I would end up paying £100 or $130 in Duty and Tax, but if B-Stock are cheap enough then it might be worthwhile. Did you have to order it before you asked them to lower the declared value, or did you do it before ordering?
  3. rawrster
    B stock Andromedas require a wait for them to be in stock and a quick trigger to buy. They go real fast however they are a couple hundred cheaper than new.

    On another note Im using my q jays v2 today after not using them for a few weeks. I was thinking that the difference shouldn't be that big regardless of price difference. Boy was I wrong. It is definitely a large step down (imo of course) to the Andromeda. These will continue to be a good backup but the Andromeda are definitely something special.
  4. willowbrook
    It's the lowest price option unless you have some way of getting the them through personally. Mind you b-stock only has minor aesthetic imperfections, so it's not a bad option at all. They cost me $850 + shipping and I'm so glad I got these. I recommend e-mailing CA about it, not sure if they still sell b-stock. You can also keep an eye out for used b-stock, they come up occasionally. 
  5. willowbrook
    Is there a specific way of unplugging and plugging MMCX cables for Andromeda? The new balanced Fidue A83 cable seems to lock on fine, but it is very hard to remove them. Tried it once, required wayyyy too much force to get them off. I was almost worried the socket might fall off with it.
    MMCX is such a hassle for cable swapping ㅡ.ㅡ
  6. Fatsosixsixsix
    Not sure if this has already been discussed but I thought was an interesting tidbit:


    It seems they're working on another revision that refines the sound and changes the nozzle length?

    I had talked to CA and they said they could reduce the declared value, to the point that it would be cheaper to import and pay tax on it than to buy from Austria. I was looking to buy a pair around May or June but if they're going to revise it then I may wait a bit longer.

    Did drop them an e-mail asking if they knew about a release window but I doubt I'll get a response.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2017
  7. all999
    Interesting, I am also planning to buy Andromeda, since these are going to be available in Poland soon. Question is if it will be new revision or current one?

    Also I tried them with my DX200 and there is noticeable hiss with single end and a lot of it with balanced one. And i found them to be a little too aggressive in upper midrange and highs with DX200. What is Your recommended DAP in DX200 price tag that delivers sweetest migrange and more subtle highs?
  8. rawrster
    I would just go for the Andromeda regardless of if that revision happens anytime soon or not. They sound very good if it fits your preferences. I bought mine a month or so ago and no regrets even if a new version comes out.
  9. Fatsosixsixsix
    I have no doubt they are absolutely amazing. I just tend to not upgrades for many years so I'm looking to get the latest and best. My current pair of Sennheiser IE7 have been serving me for 6 years so far :p
  10. willowbrook
    Am curious on the sound change although it sounds really good while running balanced. Ergonomically regarding nozzle length and width, I would assume there would be a divide of people who will still prefer the current version and who will prefer the future revision. Longer nozzles would mean there is a higher possibility of the housing sticking out too much. The current length ain't so bad :gs1000smile:
  11. andra555
    hi there, i have a bad experience with the fidue balance cable, the fit is so tight it is really hard to undone. i destroyed the right side of my pinnacle p1 mmcx socket because of that cable. i pull too strong that the socket comes out. that is the last thing you want to see happened to your andromeda

    i think the problem is with the mmcx connector on the cable itself rather than the socket in the andromeda. anyway for me i usually pull out the mmcx connector by inserting the nail between the gap in the connected part and pull it gently but firmly,rather than pulling the body of the mmcx plug itself.

  12. blazinblazin
    Actually there's a weak point which you can turn the mmcx till the point and pull out easily.

    Both left and right IEM have the point at opposite direction.
  13. willowbrook
    The socket on the Andromeda is fixed in tight, but yes it still worries me. Thanks for the tip.

    Do you have a picture or something? I didn't quite get what you said. I thought MMCX cable just had a ring on it and the socket has a space for that ring. Thanks!
  14. ForceMajeure
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
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  15. andra555

    oh....my....God it's in blue! (and some greyish outer shell)
    i'd rather have it in all blue but this is quite lovely
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