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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. nekromantik
    thanks guys
    bass on the Nova is better then my triple driver hybrid FLC8s!
  2. pr0b3r
  3. esm87
    Hey nekro, how would you describe the nova? Seen how frustrated you were on the other thread, bit of luck the nova is awesome for you
  4. nekromantik

    They got more bass then my FLC8s but using stock tips they dont seem as spacious. Maybe needs burn in or different tips to try.
    Details are slightly better then my FLC8s.
    They are deffo slightly warm sounding but not v shaped at all.
    Wont like them if you into neutral.
    Anyone know if with Fiio X5 iii its better to use low gain with Nova then high gain?
  5. beowulf

    If you get good volume in low gain, then it's probably best to use it. Better SNR.
  6. nekromantik

  7. EZE99

    No.  It is the same with all the CA lineup.  Just the way the MMCX cable works.
  8. Midgetguy
    I didn't have too much issue with the sound stage, but I recall reading others did have a little bit of luck with tip rolling. Hopefully someone points you in the right direction for that.
    Yup, just part of the design of the MMCX cable. At times, I've liked that it does that, and other times, I hate that it does that [​IMG]
  9. nekromantik
    yeah two of the reviews on here said SpinFits increase bass as with stock silicon there is not much.
    So I bought spinfits. Shame they didnt include them like they have for Vega.
    Will try Comply next.
  10. Midgetguy
    The Spinfits were what I used while I had the Nova. I was lucky, I had already bought a set a while back for my Earwerkz Supra. I feel like they might as well just include the Spinfits with their IEMs. It may be one of their lower-tier IEMs, but it's still over $300; they could include more than your standard silicone and foam.
  11. nekromantik

    Why did you sell them?
    Just needed something better? haha
  12. Midgetguy
    Lol, buying them originally was really just to try out something from Campfire Audio. From the outset, they were meant to be something set to be sold off later on. It was about the experience. Unless I really liked them and there wasn't anything glaring in terms of issues. And I liked them, but my concha's a little small so the sharp faceted corners, while cool-looking, kinda poked at my ears so I sold them off mostly on comfort concerns. Of dual-BAs I've tried (and I've only listened to 3 I think), the Nova ranked last overall basically due to that comfort issue. Sexy-looking design though. I'm keeping the Noble X I got recently (or at least that's the current decision [​IMG]) because it's an enjoyable listen and also comfortable. The Supra ranks at the top for being the most comfortable, but also because it's actually probably the flattest IEM I have. Great benchmark for neutrality even if neutral isn't always my everyday choice.
  13. nekromantik
    Ah fair enough.
    Noble X looked good and sounded like it would have very good bass but I missed out on the drop.
  14. Midgetguy
    I like the bass presentation on the Noble X. Not as much in terms of quantity, but I feel like it might be a little tighter than the Nova's. The Nova trumps the Noble X on bass quantity and is a warmer sound signature for sure. I'm pretty happy with my Noble X drop purchase, though I really wished they included their regular tip package. I understand they did whatever they could to lower the price of the Noble X to what it cost, but tips must be pennies on the dollar to produce, just include them. And that's directed at any manufacturer! Noble X cable with foams and 2 sets of silicone tips: M and L. What, couldn't even throw in a set of S silicone tips? You gotta be kidding me! It annoys me even more because I pretty much can't fit any tips from other IEMs on it. I somehow finagled a tip from they Havi B3s onto it, but that took a lot of effort. Couldn't put Spinfits on them, the nozzles on the X are as wide as the entire core of the Spinfit CP100 tips I have.
  15. thatonenoob

    ​Hope so too m8!  So far, Vega bass has been treating me right.
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