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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. KB Contributor
    Hey all,
    We just had our Litz cables made with lightning connectors for iPhone, iPad.
    can be found HERE.
    ALO Audio Stay updated on ALO Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  2. goldendarko
    Awesome!! Will need to get one for my Andromeda's when I get the next iPhone. Was worrying I would have to sell them since I wouldn't be able to use them anymore once I moved to a phone without a 3.5mm output. You're a life saver Ken!
  3. willowbrook

    Looks very uncable like and cool at the same time. Thanks apple!
  4. nekromantik
    Are the Nova good for EDM and Trance?
    Hows the bass?
  5. Midgetguy
    Yes. Dependent on how much bass you want, I'd say they're pretty good for those genres. Nova struck me as relatively balanced with a warm tilt. Bass quantities will of course not be at basshead levels, but definitely above neutral. It's more full-bodied than just about any BA bass I've heard so far.
  6. AncientSw0rd
    Nova's are good for trance, IMO, but I run a little bass boost on them anyway if my source can do it.
  7. nekromantik
    il be joining the CA camp soon.
    Just bought B grade Nova!
    I cancelled Trinity PM6 and paid around £140 extra for the Nova.
    Hopefully made the right choice!
  8. musiclvr
    Congratulations! Welcome to CA nirvana!!
  9. drbobbybones

    Just got my Lightning Litz cable for my CA Andromedas.  They're awesome.  No hiss straight out of the iPhone, and the bass seems slightly meatier as well.  Makes my on-the-go life a ton easier to boot.  Thanks Ken!
  10. thatonenoob
    Very excited to be covering the Vega and Andromeda.  Here's a quick unboxing (and some random shenanigans)!

    knopi and drbobbybones like this.
  11. nekromantik
    I just got my Nova B Grade and the cables seem very loose. they spin around easily when inserting into ear.
    is this a known issue with the NOVA?
  12. beowulf
    Nice, can't wait to read your review. I'm sure it will be interesting.
  13. willowbrook

    I think they all spin around easily. That's the main point of MMCX connector. At least mine does, but it really annoys me, I wish there was a spacer.
  14. nekromantik

    it is annoying.
    my first mmcx iem haha
  15. beowulf
    Yes, they all spin. On my Andromeda they rotate easily too. But there's no wobble, they're firmly attached.
    So don't worry and enjoy the sound, all normal.
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