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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Nitrile
    Spoke too soon. Just got mine all the way here in Singapore.
    Earlier than the 6 week estimate. Thanks, Ken.

  2. kimD

    Sure you will love that softened corners edge, to become smooth like silk :D
  3. kimD
    Can't wait try out for tonight
    ngoshawk likes this.
  4. GoodEnoughGear
    Great pic.
  5. alvinmate
    Thats one sexy shot of Andromeda's

  6. kimD
    The overall of Andromeda would be one of my Amazing IEM out here, can't find any Cons yet.
    Just the cable is normal for me, cause accessories can replace anytime if you like :D
  7. audio123
    Nice picture. The Andromeda SQ is excellent.
  8. kimD

    Sad man :frowning2:
    Cause nothing unsatisfied at all, seem like quite boring to me, dunno good or bad :D

    Just needed changed cable will do and the rest all are too prefect to me now.

    Bass impact and hits harder with ALO sxc24, also improved Sweety mids and smooth treble.

  9. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Very nice picture!

    I quoted it just so it can be seen one more time... :)
  10. kimD

    Thanks mate..

    Outlook beautiful wasn't too important.
    But inside was spectacular that is more important to us :p
    Hisoundfi likes this.
  11. audio123

    big alo and ca fan!
  12. aohk1997
    Hey KimD, would you be able to give us a comparison of the jupiter vs andromeda since you have both? :)
  13. kimD

    Both to me all are perfectly sound signature, nice separate imaging and clarity amount of detailed.
    Both had same deep and huge soundstage, but out of stock cable will works fine, Instead of sxc24 turn out awesome bass to me.

    Jupiter needs to take more time for playing EQ and slightly tuning for lower down midrange to suit for nicer vocals.

    Andromeda does not required that much, cause from the midrange already prefect tunes by Ken, needless to readjusted from
    EQ at all.

    For me has not challenging already, Andro really beautiful Sound signature than Jupiter.

    Also latest Andromeda shells design has been minor touched, so no longer feel and pain due to listening longer hours or roll off for that shaper edge easily created pain around ears by Jupiter/Orion would be remain the same day.
  14. Nitrile
    Been listening to them for a good 4 hours straight.
    Using spiral dot tips with these and shallow insertion.
    The sharp edges of the screw are a little bothersome but they don't really touch any part of my ears when worn.
    The imaging ability of the Andromeda is unsurpassed in a universal IEM.
    The Andromeda is worth every cent.
    Cheers to Ken and the Campfire Audio team for this masterpiece.
  15. kimD

    Take your time to adjustment your fits it well.
    Time and time will be more comfort out of a days
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138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147

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