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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. ExpatinJapan
    I prefer a no EQ approach, esp when the items are top shelf.
    ngoshawk likes this.
  2. kimD

    Jupiter direct with AK70, gone case.
    Really rid off that sounds to me, cause that midrange much higher to overlapping the rest.
  3. waxiboy
    Hey KimD how's the pairing of Andromeda and AK70? I just noticed that the stock cable of Andromeda is far more better than the linum bax except for comfort.. :)
  4. audio123
    he sold his ak70 if im not wrong
  5. kimD

    Lol my AK70 sold already, cause still have bug now, cause can't used EQ at all :)

    Andromeda works better with my iPod touch and stack with mojo and cable sxc24.
    SQ really awesome to me, even listening from Spotify streaming music
  6. audio123
    andromeda is amazing :smiley:
  7. kimD

    Hope you can have it soon
  8. alvinmate
    Not to offend anyone would you say its better than K10U or on par?  Tried K10U and I liked the fit and SQ but haven't demoed Andromeda yet to compare.
  9. Gaghiel

    You could read twister6 review. He did compare with K10U and others.
  10. alvinmate
    Yes read that one and possibly what I could find on different threads just needed some more feedback from different users as slowly more people have started receiving their Andromeda's.
    Well its about preference at this level so I should just wait to hear myself...
  11. kimD
    Just one thing to added.
    Most of CA IEMs really unnecessary for higher specs of Amp/DAP needed.

    Just do with normal smartphones or iPod touch turn out has awesome SQ.

    Unlike K10U indeed Amped or such as AK320 dual amp on DAP will works well for that SQ.

    More BAs can't pump from smartphones LOL
    I don't think how you guys make it to compared
  12. waxiboy
    I have tried Andromeda with Sony ZX100 and it sounds more amazing....far better than my DX80
  13. audio123
    go try andromeda with qp1r. very good combo
  14. kimD
    He he time to try for Nova @ ConnectIT
  15. waxiboy

    That is my main target Dap..but the problem is there is no one selling in the Philippines, I wonder why retailers don't want to sell one its one of the best and good price ;(
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