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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. kimD

    No.. I dun prefer that much higher DAP, cause I knew myself more prefer into varies such as stack Amped or streaming music or play more suitable apps and OS.

    My iPod touch already nice to drive with andromeda, just play more cables will do
  2. mrazik

    Opus is much better option than QP1R. It have very responsive UI and crystal clear sound with decent low end.
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  3. GoodEnoughGear
    Anyone run Andromeda out of a V10 yet? I'm curious what that combo sounds like, and if there's an audible noise floor.
  4. waxiboy
    Have you tried the both?? how much is opus? they said that OPUS1 is not good when not burned in..but it sound great when finished burning in
  5. audio123
    both opus and qp1r are good
  6. niron
    The ONKYO DP-X1 is also a very good option.
  7. mrazik

    Yes I did, side by side. Don´t get me wrong. QP1R is good player, but only Opus is IMHO better. Opus have very nice and fast UI and sound is more relaxed, airy. I got Studio some time ago. It was best player I ever had by sound. UI was pure nightmare. Opus is just like Studio, but with great UI. And I listen Opus with Jupiter and I now I have Nova. So I believe that there is good synergy between Opus and CA.
    Anyway there could be another solution and as I see more effective. iPhone + Kaisertone. That is my current setup with Nova and it perfectly fit together.
  8. kimD
    iPhone/iPod + iAudiogate would be smooth like silk
  9. alvinmate
    If Andromeda sounds so good with smartphones then does that mean it will sound even better with decent daps or amped?
  10. kimD

    Yes most of amped or dap will be so much better than simple setup.

    But iPhone 6s, iPod touch current gen + iAudiogate and Mojo turn out would be another level.

    Just make you can invest some better cable out there.

    Otherwise throw in 3k still so so.
  11. kimD
    Stock litz cable was ok like mids and treble, just slightly lack of bass portion.

    Not impressived at all, due to light bass, once changed to sxc24 turn out bass enhanced, become more impact and tight bass, also hits much harder than original stock cable :)
    That is my opinion :p
  12. audio123
    you need effect audio silver cable :)
  13. kimD

    Yes I will try it out, but make sure not a single type of purely silver wire..
    Usually silver plate copper would be much nicer than only silver, has light bass :frowning2:
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  14. audio123
    hybrid cable!
  15. kimD

    You should try it cable from ConnectIT, that cable called : Odio EA-325+ Silver cable... Guarantee you surprise that Bass.

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