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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. kimD
    Andromera to me, has completely overtaken Jupiter, meant upgraded version.
    Sound when starter without any burn-in bass was so so, after 8 hours burned.
    Bass mids and treble all pop up pretty well than when in the starter listened less a track.

    Shells has 100% satisfied for fine-tuning cutting sharper edges.
    But downside was that 3 screwed slightly bigger size than previous version, felt that shaper screwed easily getting worse to chip off some part of faceplate colour peeling off :frowning2:

    Anything more happy with that sounds and not happy with that cosmetic.

    Jupiter on left and right for Andro.
  2. Stuff Jones
    According to Ken from CFA there is no upgraded version.
  3. alvinmate
    Hi Kim,

    Is the color peeling off really a big defect? This is little concerning.

    Hope the new batch has resolved these issue.

  4. kimD

    Yes I had informed my reseller here, they agreed to replace for me.
    But wait for next shippment
  5. kimD

    Both has thier owned sound signature, but to me, Andromeda had much better SQ than Jupiter.
  6. Stuff Jones
    Oh sorry I misunderstood you. I thought you meant the upgraded version of the Andromeda with rounder corners which doesn't exist yet.
  7. somanydynamos
    I agree that the Andromeda has a better SQ than the Jupiter
    The Andromeda has 3 bores while the Jupiter has 2 bores, so the extra bore rly provide the extra separation which resulted in a better soundstage. 
  8. Nitrile
    There has been a shell redesign.
    Check out the addition of 2 new facets,
  9. Stuff Jones
  10. Nitrile
    I have the Andromeda on hand and the picture above is mine. I have compared it to the pictures posted by KB, ExpatInJapan and Currawong and I have discovered these 2 new facets on the shell. 
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  11. kimD

    Jupiter BAs low & High there missing Mid

    Low, High & Mid
  12. KB Contributor

    The low drivers in the Jupiter will cover low and mid frequencies, so technically I would not say the Jupiter has no mids :) the Andromeda has a dedicated mid BA where the Jupiter does not as you point out, but the tuning of the Jupiter is such that the low drivers also extend out into the midrange frequencies.


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  13. kimD

    Jupiter vs Andromeda both had thier owned signatured.

    Jupiter do agreed that midrange can be cover by low & high BAs, such as Orion all in one.
    Jupiter has better texture than Andromeda, also do better soundstage than Andromeda.
    Anyway Jupiter the week point has slightly higher upper mids, usually I'll will tried to tuned in EQ for better option, once is get it right when tuned out sounds that awesome to me.

    For my 2 days old andromeda still has little bit thiner detailed than Jupiter, i will let it burn-in sometimes and then updated again.

    Both to me is a spectacular IEMs out there.

    I am really to thanks your efforts and always do the best to us and listened our feedback as well.
    I am pleased and appreciated to have a excellent IEMs from Campfire/ALO audio :D
  14. floydfan33
    As an Andromeda owner that listened to the Jupiter extensively before settling on the Andromeda, in my experience, while the Jupiter is far from being a congested sound-stage, I found that the layering, depth, width, and separation was far superior on the Andromeda. Everyone hears different, but for me there was no contest.
  15. aohk1997

    Could ken please clarify on this?
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