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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. kimD

    Ken never mentioned here, cause he only tried to improved that upcoming new batch.

    I'd got the info from my reseller around 1 month ago.. Cause due to delay the shipment.

    Hope that in future he will remain this new improved shells for permanent
  2. goldendarko
    Just ordered the Andromeda. Just wondering what tips people find to work best with it. I was considering the Comply 200 Isolations or Spinfits. Does it come with Comply Isolation tips as standard though ?
  3. kimD

    Only AE that colors foam tips T200 will work fine to me
    Soft and sticky
  4. goldendarko
    Any pics of them?
  5. kimD

  6. goldendarko
    They look pretty cool. Kind of look like Complys too
  7. ExpatinJapan
    JVC spiral tips for me
  8. musiclvr
    Hi all! Well as much as I love my Andromedas I have decided to part with them. I feel that they are the best iem's out there right now for the money and well above its asking price as well, whether there be a dynamic driver or however many balanced armatures inside. I feel like I want to give planar magnetic transducer headphones a go. My fiancé doesn't like iem's in general due to fit issues so I want to get something that is easier to wear for her so over-ear headphones it is. I feel like I will buy another pair of Andromedas in the future for sure or the next totl iem by Campfire Audio as I truly appreciate their supreme attention to detail, that they make them here in the USA, tuning, excellent customer service, and the materials used. Or maybe I'll keep them...... Happy Listening everyone!!!
  9. kimD

    I think no one who won't love it :D
  10. aohk1997
    Hey KimD, where did you get them from? :)
  11. kimD

    From Aliexpress, search for Foam T200

    Option for penon as well
  12. aohk1997
    Thx man!
  13. kimD

    Actually bundled for stock comply T400 and TX400 quite good also, you may try it out
  14. matt200sr
    Just wondering if anyone has tried the ALO Copper 22 cable which i have ordered to replace the stock tinsel cable that came with my Lyra's.

    Really loving the Lyras and hope to place an order for Andromeda's very soon.
  15. kimD

    Yes, I'd did tried before, sound very warmed.. Just option for sxc24.
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