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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. kimD

    But ok, just go direct with Jomo Samba will do for you... Blinking with all gold :D
  2. audio123

    jomo samba vs andromeda will be interesting
  3. kimD

    No.. You should trust Andromeda :)
  4. audio123

    andromeda is excellent but i havent heard the samba yet so best not to conclude [​IMG]
  5. kimD

    Good or not good, just depend how thick your wallet.
    Buy 2 Andromeda at least.
  6. audio123

    will definitely be getting andromeda + samba/sirius/martian
  7. kimD

    UM Merlin mk2 in time
  8. audio123

    looking forward to UM Mentor v2 too!
    back to the andromeda
  9. kimD

    Lol I am enjoying my Andromeda feel like soundstage quite huge wow.
    Actually already feeling sleepy now, but can't stop my tracks, due to andromeda bring out those nice tracks.
  10. sugakandrey
    I keep seeing people talk about merlin v2 but is there any official info it is in the plans by um? Thanks. 
  11. kimD

    Will be launch around mid of Aug.
    Can check here for more pics
    复制这条信息,打开:point_right:手机淘宝:point_left:即可看到【Unique Melody UM Merlin V2二代 提供定制/公模 5单 圈铁混合】¥AAGmEsdO¥http://ewqcxz.com/h.ZRQEhS?cv=AAGmEsdO&sm=41e8c7
  12. sugakandrey
    Much appreciated, thanks man.
  13. kino lau
    SpinFit CP100's just arrived in the mail, and Andromeda's land Tuesday. I only wish that I didn't have a Spanish exam Tuesday night. It'll be everything I can do to keep from listening to these until I get home from the exam. New gear has had a negative impact on exam grades since I joined this forum...lol
  14. ExpatinJapan
    i tried the Samba this weekend. Its a darker different flavor to the reference JOMO 6R.

    Andromeda and Samba are both great IEMs, but the aim and sound of each are quite different.
    Fizban likes this.
  15. kimD

    So you will prefer 6R or Samba?
    Good than enough..

    Thanks and appreciate
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