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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. audio123
    u can order from overseas?
  2. kimD

    Just happening for after sales service
  3. waxiboy
    I don't have a credit card and I don't want to own one because if I own one it will be a disaster lol!!
  4. kimD

    Did you try for iPhone 6s or iPod touch the current gen?

    There is more suit to us with andromeda.. Getting higher specs of DAP will be easily outdated in between a year.
  5. waxiboy
    I have a sony z1 compact with modified Sony Walkman App..It sounds great but I want more...maybe if I purchase an
    end game Dap it will be the QP1R...then I will not look for anything else..
  6. audio123
    lotoo paw gold?
  7. kimD

    You should consider for DAC such as mojo.
    Add up to become more powerful
  8. audio123
    get alo rx/mk3b/cdm
  9. Wil
    Has anyone had the chance to compare the Andromeda and Oriolous Mk2? 

    My wallet is feeling a little...erm, bloated, at the moment. 
  10. kimD

    Oriolous mk2 very expensive bird out there, my wallet has limit now.

    Hope someone can have more capable to own both :D
  11. kimD

    Mojo even better.. :D
  12. Wil
    Thinking if i should sell my Angies to fund the Andromeda...hm....
  13. kimD

    Honestly Angie image was good, but can't comment much.. I'd owned it less than 1 week old and sold long ago.
  14. waxiboy
    I really don't want to carry too much gadgets...So Im looking for a great Dap with a price that I can afford..I don't want to spend too much, QP1R is
    a excellent Dap with nice prize.. have you tried the QP1R??
  15. waxiboy
    haha very nice Dap with a Golden prize..I can't afford that..:frowning2:
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