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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. audio123
    agreed. Not a fan of memory wire
  2. kimD

    So do you already standby for custom cable yet?
  3. audio123
    effect audio.
  4. kimD

    But I dun like that huge metal Y-split :frowning2:
  5. audio123
    u can request under the options I believe for plastic ysplit
  6. kimD

    Ha ha really make me wanna go a trip to music sanctuary
  7. Currawong Contributor
    The latest binaural albums from Chesky seem to be quite bass-strong, so end up being a good match.
    Maybe Ken could offer a version of the cable without memory wire for people who don't like it. 
  8. prismstorm
    Notwithstanding that Ken himself claimed that there is no v2 Andromeda coming, yesterday I asked the local distributor when the next shipment of Andromeda is expected for arrival, and to my surprise they claimed that they have no idea because 'according to the manufacturer there will be a slight revision in build and aesthetics, corners are looking to be more rounded before the next batch arrives'. I was told that they were hoping something would arrive early August, in time for exhibiting the demo at the local Audio Visual Exhibition. They added that even if they have stock now they are too afraid to sell them, because they are unwilling to deal with the potential PR crisis if the 'revised' version was to come out shortly after they have sold the 'first gen' stock, that people would feel cheated and nag them for exchange.
    Granted, at least two retailers confirmed that very limited stock (single digit) had been sold about a month ago, before the distributor got word of the 'revision' and halted the sale of the new offerings altogether. But these sales were kept under wraps, and exclusively for customers who have 'pre-ordered' them by paying a deposit before the iems themselves were officially announced for sale. I am dying to get my hands on a new stock of the Andromeda but now I don't know what to expect, except to keep on waiting ...   
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  9. kimD

    Hopefully in s'pore have really stocks soon for us since pre-ordered someway on May till now.

    That delay due to revised that shell, but can understand what's CA did it well.

    Some more my ALO Sxc24 cable pop up all spiderweb already.
  10. KB Contributor
    Guys, There is no v2 or significant change in any of our earphones. There may be a very slight CNC change in the future but we are not sure when that might happen right away. We were thinking of making 2 angles a little smoother but this is not critical and side by side hardly noticeable. I think for clarification sake I must state that Campfire Audio is a very small batch operation and we literally make like 15 IEMs a day by hand here in my shop. I am very close to my CNC shop which is also located here in Oregon and because we both are small shops we are able to make small tool changes fairly easily. The current hold up at the moment is screws, my screw mfg... screwed me :wink: We have not been able to ship because we do not have the fancy screws we are having custom made and its very frustrating at the moment.
    Anyhow I think this v2 thing is being overstated and I apologize for the confusion and more so the delay in our production. We are working very hard to increase capacity as well as our process. I am investing heavily in Campfire Audio because we are very committed to making the best IEMs possible and we know that we can deliver something special to our customers. 
    I thank you all for your continued patience. 
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  11. vhsownsbeta

    Thanks for the clarification Ken. I am sure Andromeda will be worth the wait!
  12. musiclvr
    As a happy Andromeda iem and National+ amp owner I am excited to see/hear what Campfire comes out with next!!!!! @Ken- Thanks for your transparency and ongoing drive for perfection through innovation!
  13. KB Contributor
    Thank you so much you guys, its a little rocky for us at the moment. We are really good at acoustic engineering and design but are getting out sea legs in the manufacturing bits, its really good to know our customers understand our challenges. Again I can not thank everyone enough.
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  14. hpnutz
    As a very satisfied Andromeda owner, I feel that Ken and Co. are doing something very special. I appreciate the fact that they make a few a day instead of spitting them out of assembly lines.  This hands-on time allows them to tweak the design a little as they go, based on experience from users and evolving technology. I would be disappointed if the Andromeda did not evolve along the way. This is why I buy from smaller companies. Kudos to Campfire, you have a loyal customer and fan- I look forward to what you guys will come up with next. And thanks to Ken for taking time to come on here and clarify.
  15. ngoshawk

    Ken, you have nothing to apologize for. If anything the dealers who talked to the headfiers should be apologizing to you for the falsities they are spreading.

    You stated there would be no V2, and that should have been it. Others then threw in "but my dealer said"....welll when the horses mouth speaks, you listen!

    Thank you so much for what you do, I am over the top satisfied with the Nova, and I hope my review here can pay you back in some small kind way. I look forward to saving my pennies for the Andromeda, but happily listen to my Novas as this is being written!

    Thank you SOOOO much for what you do!
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