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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Currawong Contributor

    I'm due to try the foam tips again to see if that balances them better for that kind of music. It's rather funny, because before I was trying to get them to be less bass strong. This is why I tend to be slow writing (or recording) IEM reviews.
  2. goldendarko
    Yeah the HE1000 can do EDM but I definately prefer something like the TH-900 for that kind of music, probably the same way with the Andromeda. It will sound good, but there are definately better options if that's mostly what you listen too. The problem with those others, like the TH-900 for example, is that's really ALL they do well sometimes.
  3. musiclvr
    Listening to 'Heart' by DARKSIDE from their Psychic album...... I'm just in a kinda of trance right now.... just stuck.... Now onto the 'City of The Sun' latest album "To The Sun And All The Cities In Between" (24Bit/192Khz sampling)...... which is just acoustic nirvana, plain and simple...
    The Andromeda is just an exquisite iem that draws me into the music and keeps me there to listen in awe.
    Listening Rig: Apple Mac Mini-->Audirvana+-->Wyrd4Sound Recovery-->Chord Mojo-->ALO Audio International+--> Campfire Audio Andromeda
  4. Mimouille
    Good music tastes :D
  5. Jimmy TU
    Hey guys im using ak120 right now and want to upgrade my iem from 3bal.
    right now im interest of JH rosie2 and campfire audio andromeda in similar price range
    can you guys give me some comparison between this two. thanks so much
  6. knopi
    "City of The Sun" great band thanks for tip.. 
  7. goldendarko
    Yeah awesome headphone album too, wonderfully produced by the Chesky Bro's. You should look it up on HDTracks to see how they produced it, has a lot to do with why it sounds amazing on top of being excellent music. Think i might listen to it tonight, it's been a while :)
  8. prismstorm

    I guess that settles it then, only a singular version of Andromeda. Only the one and only. I will get it but there's currently no stock XD
  9. alvinmate
    I hope its true that I fall in love with Andromeda's sound.....despite some higher priced IEMs I have listed not necessarily it can always be a winner if im correct?

  10. audio123

    the andromeda really is a TOTL sound
  11. pinoyman

    This beauty is really a gem!
    Sadly i didnt liked much the sq.
    I still prefer the jupiter over it.
    Im a treblehead btw :)

  12. kimD

    Err. Something the right.
  13. musiclvr

    Hmmm I could see a 'treble head' liking the Jupiter over the Andromeda. I think that because the Jupiter is known to have a 'U' type sound that the treble is more prominent. I wish I soup been able to demo the Jupiter but while I was a about to pull the trigger on the Jupiter the Andromeda was announced so there you have it. I think my next Campfireaudio purchase will be their headphone though. Hmmmm
  14. Midgetguy
    I listen to other stuff besides EDM, but I'd say for certain that 50% of my library is EDM and it's what I enjoy the most. The other half is a mix of a lot of other music. Might not like it quite as much, but you gotta learn to appreciate right? Anyway, it's why I've got a Jh16 Pro FP waiting to be reshelled at InEarz right now. I figure that should do the trick.
  15. waxiboy
    I changed the stock cable of andromeda to linum and now I am more comfortable in wearing it...also I can insert it more deep because there is no stiffness in cable anymore...I think memory wire should be removed in campfire cables...

    Sent from my D5503 using Tapatalk
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