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Campfire Audio all new Polaris

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  1. JuanLuis91
    Hi bro,

    Technically, with what model of another brand is comparable?

  2. kelvs77
    Hi JuanLuis91
    Hard for me to say as i have limited audition from other models or brand. But i mostly use shure se530 iem and hifiman he400s headphones... They are both on the mid centric to slight neutral to me. The P2 is warmer and a more exciting listen to me because of the sparkly highs and deep bass. But what i like about the p2 is its not a V signature to me. The mids is a bit forward and not drowned out. But not as forward as my shures and hifiman that i use... Hmm was able to try the andromeda briefly on the store....that to me is a more balance, resolving and neutral/refernce sound . The P2 has a more elevated bass and a bit more sparkle i think but not as resolving making it a more fun and forgivable listen. I hope this helps even of my limited experience e. Its still best if you can audition it.
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  3. JuanLuis91
    I appreciate your comments!

  4. Zabens
    I wish I could find silicone tips that work for me. I've tried all the CA offerings, spinfits (all of them) and spiral dots. They all sound hollow and lifeless. Probably because my ear canals are weird as f***. I'd give anything to find something that works... they're so much more convenient and comfortable...

    On that note, the more I listen the more I think the treble is the real star. I love detail and sparkle but I'm also treble sensitive. These give a sense of airiness that's just really nice. Don't get me wrong. You'll find much more detail elsewhere, but idk. These are such a pleasure with the upper end.
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  5. Jackpot77
    Excellent summary. The bass will be what most people notice first, but as long as you aren't after an absolute detail monster, the treble is arguablytbe best part of the tuning. TAEC tech for the win.
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  6. nekromantik
    Nova is quite mid to high focused I think but I listen to Trance and House mostly so these more "fun" sounding might be better.
    Might get them in next 2 weeks hopefully.
  7. Zabens
    You'll be happy with these. I'd steer people clear of them if their main genres are classical, slash metal or acoustic vocalists. Not that they do any of those poorly, but if those are your primary library you can find better for probably less. For hip hop, edm and most modern stuff you'd be hard pressed to find something better. I love love love these for those genres, like them for the others but I'm a little disappointed with rich voiced female vocalists (like Tracy Chapman). Not bad, just lacking that forwardness I expect from some artists. I'm doing this from my galaxy s8 until my m11 gets here hopefully by this time next week. I got rid of my x5 and schiit stack a couple weeks ago to afford these, the m11 and Andromedas. End game until I can afford Verites and WA8. Not regretting this purchase in the least.
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  8. nekromantik
    I got Fiio X5 3rd gen so need to spend a lot of money to get something better I think.
    Likes of iBasso DX220
  9. abirdie4me
    I have my original Polaris for sale at a good price, please see the link in my signature if you are interested.

  10. duaned
    I spent a few hours with the Polaris 2, and as in all other Campfire Audio IEM's, I was left dissapointed. I must admit they were light and comfortable, but even though I am a basshead at heart, the bass on the Polaris 2 is boomy, and over-powering as such. Unlike the Andromeda, there is sub-bass rumble with the Polaris 2. Male vocals sound fine and a little back in the mix, female vocals are not so good. But it's the treble that really turned me off. I was beginning to obtain a headache due to the treble response. It's peaky and not clean, the "SSS" are over-emphasized and too much sharpness for my taste, and I also love treble. It was all over the place. Tiring for a better word.

    So no, I did not buy them. Campfire Audio continuously lets me down with their range of IEM's. Not 1 IEM in their range has what I like, and what many other IEM's have. Coherency in the frequency range. The Solaris is the closest for me, but still misses the mark on several attributes. I don't know who the product manager is, but damn they need to try other IEM's and improve their own flavour . YMMV.
  11. Oscar-HiFi
    What tips did you use, I found the Polaris ok with silicone then I tried the foams and the sound improved quite a bit. A lot of the Campfire models are tuned to be used with their foam tips it seems.
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  12. duaned
    I used my fav tips, the Azla Sedna tips. I didn't bother with the foam tips, and the supplied final tips pronounced the bass to a level that was over-bearing.
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  13. nekromantik
    so for EDM what other IEMs in same price range do you think is better?
  14. duaned
    Acoustune HS1650 is way better, IBasso IT04, Sony XBA-N3, Fiio FH5 and the upcoming FH7 just to name a few.
  15. bwardrop
    I just watched Currawong’s FH7 review and he briefly brings the new Polaris up as a disappointment against them. The Polaris 2 has been in his review queue for awhile. I’ve been looking forward to hearing what he thinks about them. It might be silly, but I just don’t like the look of the Fiio line.
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