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Campfire Audio all new Polaris

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  1. bwardrop
    Thanks so much. I actually have an email to CA asking if they sell at the show, so you answered that for me. (It will be my first CanJam). A show discount would seal the deal.
  2. Omegon
    No problem! Yea, I've gone the last two years and they've been selling at the show. I think they bring a handful of each model, I don't know how many but if you want to guarantee picking one up I'd probably go early on.
  3. NovaFlyer
    Campfire offered a show discount at CanJam NYC, even on the Solaris which I bought at the show. If you want to take them home from the show, I would recommend arriving at the show opening on the first day to give the IEMs a listen. That way you can make a decision and purchase before the CA team runs out of the stock they bring to the show. Otherwise you'll have that "painful" wait until they arrive at your home. :)
    Last edited: May 7, 2019
  4. Shaggy8675
    Ok tried IT. Smal piece of tape over the hole cures the problem, no more wind. No noticable sound difference in my ears.
    jaydunndiddit and Mike-WI like this.
  5. jaydunndiddit
    Glad it worked out for you and was an easy fix! Even more so that the sound is unaffected
    Mike-WI and Shaggy8675 like this.
  6. apirat
    Awesome, thanks for the initial impressions. I really want these!
  7. Pott
    I got the new Polaris recently; my only other experience with CA is with the Lyra II, of which I LOVE the sound (very coherent, solid, massive), but cannot ever get a fit. UIEMs in general are consistently poor fits for me anyway.

    The Polaris fit a lot better, but... I got the Lyra II at a significant discount, and the Polaris ended-up costing MORE as a result. In-reality, I find the Lyra II sound better to my ears.
    It doesn't make the Polaris a bad IEM, but I felt somewhat disappointed...

    There's definitely a familiarity to the sound, with the Polaris a little less powerful perhaps. I've not listened to the Lyra II in months due to the fit issues so I could be wrong.
  8. Lurk650
    Interesting, I had the Lyra II and loved them but ultimately at times I wanted more bass the treble was too much for me to turn up.

    Would love to compare the Polaris II to my AKG N5005, if you are in the SF area (as your location seems to suggest lol)
  9. pnzr
    So...if I could get a used Lyra II in great condition for about 350€ or the new Polaris for 600€, which should I take? I mostly listen to jungle, drum & bass, techno and ambient music. I like a good bass and crisp treble.
  10. Jackpot77
    Given your music tastes, I'd probably suggest the Polaris 2. It's been a while since I heard the Lyra 2, but the treble is more laid back and subdued on the Lyra. The Polaris 2 also has more presence down low, so will give more of a subwoofer effect than the Lyra.

    This is all from memory, so please take this with a pinch of salt - I believe there are other users on here who have both, so they should be able to give you a more up to date comparison.
    pnzr and GarageBoy like this.
  11. gowthe
    Do you know how much discount they give? I live in Oregon and I'm planning to go down to CA for an audition. I could at least ask them for the discount. Thanks
  12. NovaFlyer
    Unfortunately I can't remember what discount they had for their various IEMs. I bought the Solaris and got $100 off, which was a different discount since it's new and their TOTL IEM.
  13. gowthe
    Thanks for the reply.
  14. Szarky
    Hoping to get some feedback for the new Polaris 2. I'm opposite of what most want in regards to isolation. The less isolation the better for me. I work in an office and I need to be able to hear my phone and coworkers. Very, very few truely open back IEM's exist one of which is IMR Acoustics R1(and R1 Zenith) with an R2 releasing soon. I'm going to be returning my R1 Z as I'm not happy with it. There's also the more known Audeze iSine line and the UM ME.1 which both look ridiculous to me, can't stand the design.

    How am I looking here for isolation, will I have any luck with different tips or is it fully isolating like most are? Sound leakage is another factor which I'd like a minimal amount to escape (for night time listening with the wife laying beside me).
  15. pnzr
    After not having any music on the go for about two months my new FiiO M11 and CA Polaris II almost made me start dacing a couple of times on my way to work today :)
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