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Campfire Audio all new Polaris

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  1. Jackpot77
    Been spending some time with the Polaris 2 after listening exclusively to done higher end customs for the last week or so. Really enjoying the bass and the laid back but still clear upper end. Decent amount of clarity behind the main presentation as well.

    Think these could be considered a pretty good entry into the midfi basshead bracket - hope more people check them out!
  2. JuanLuis91
    My configuration on the go is an ibasso dx120 and the dunu falcon c. At home I have a meze 99 neo with balanced cable, which I enjoy a lot too. In the near future I was thinking of updating the falcon c for an ibasso it04, but certainly the Polaris 2 catches my attention. Have you had the opportunity to listen to falcon c or it04 so that you can give me your impressions of how they compare with Polaris?

    Juan Luis.
  3. Jackpot77
    Hi there

    Not spent any time with the IT04, but the Polaris 2 and Falcon-C are VERY different in terms of presentation. The P2 is an order of magnitude bassier than the Falcon, and while it actually does pretty well for detail retrieval, isn't as cold or crisp the Falcon in terms of presentation. The vocals are a bit more forward on the P2 and are a bit warmer and thicker, thanks to the bass underneath.

    The P2 are more similar to something like the Meze 99s (although not exactly) - are you looking for something similar to the Falcon, or are you after more bass?
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  4. JuanLuis91
    Hi bro!

    I would like a little more body, without losing clarity and precission in mids and highs. Obviously, it must also have a resolution and superior technical skills. That It have a more bass, I do not really worry, in fact I enjoy it, but it should not lose clarity and detail in the other frequencies, nor be overwhelming either.
    Last edited: May 30, 2019
  5. kelvs77
    Hi head-fi friends,
    Recently got my Polaris v2, had a hard time deciding between this and the io. I like the vocals of the P2 more compared to the hollow sounding vocal that i heard in the io. Thats what push me to get the P2. Being a mid/detail and non basshead.
    But when i got home I was surprised how strong the bass of the P2 was on some genre of songs. I must admit i felt a bit overwhelmed coming from a shure 535 iem and he400s hp. But when the song is not bass heavy it is very pleasant to me.
    Is there a way to lessen the bass thru tip rolling or burning in? Do you think the bass of the P2 too boomy? Do you think the mids are forward and what sound signature do you think the P2 falls on? Just want to hear your impressions and suggestions.
    And if someone chose between the io and P2, i would appreciate your thoughts on what you chose and why. Thanks for your time...
  6. Wheel Hoss
    The standard foam tips provide the most bass.

    Switching to silicone should even out the sound.

    Personally, I’m getting P2 later this month, and I’ll use Io for acoustic music and P2 for heavier genres. Also fwiw my Io has improved considerably with burn-in. Sound is much richer and more natural. And having a good source like Tidal Hifi + Mojo helps.
    Last edited: May 31, 2019
  7. kelvs77
    Thank you for sharing. Will try the silicone tips and burn in. Hopefully the bass behaves better after. Would love to get both as well. But have to control and budget for the mean time. Good day
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  8. yong_shun
    Auditioned my Polaris II after 100 hours of burning in - I would immediately call it a good upgrade from the first Polaris. The overall presentation is more neutral and the depth increase. Bass is much more controlled. I will spend more time with it before a review is written!
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  9. Zabens
    After much deliberation between this and the Io I decided to pull the trigger on these. Has anyone run them balanced yet? And Ken, if you're reading this... will you offer the new cable design in 2.5 or 4.4?
  10. nekromantik
    the nova were released at the same price as P2.
    I got novas but miss my bass.
    would this be not a upgraded in other areas in sound quality apart from bass?
  11. Zabens
    Just got my Polaris 2's. Initial impressions, this isn't as crazy bass heavy as I was led on to believe. Don't get me wrong, it's full, lively and fun. Just not ridiculous where it overpowers the rest of the soundstage. I'm actually really digging the highs on these. And they're insanely comfortable.

    Compared to the CA comets. It's really no competition. They're better at everything... almost. The comets stand up well in the midrange but they feel more closed in.

    Compared to the CA cascades. Not as warm as the cascades. The cascades won it so far in imaging, sub bass and upper mids.

    Keep in mind I've been listening for about an hour and these are just my initial impressions. I've listened to Pink Floyd, Polo and Pan and Tyler the Creator so far. I haven't tip rolled and I've only listened from my galaxy s8. I'll try to post something in a couple weeks after I get my M11 and have a better grasp on what these things do after a little break in.
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  12. pnzr
    same, the highs on these don't get enough praise
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  13. Zabens
    After a day I have to say I was mistaken about the bass. These things dig way deeper than initial impressions. Definitely not reference tuning!
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  14. kelvs77
    Yes it was a bit bass heavy for me when i first got it. But after burn in i feel the bass settled a bit but still with the same impact. Coming from a neutral sound sig before i tried othet tips to cater more to my preference. After trying all the stock silicone it came with and spin fit as well. They were all enhancing the bass. Now i got the acoustune aet07 tips for it and it really helped lessen the bass while helping the highs a bit. For now this will stay with p2. I notice that the aet07 having a wider bore helped lessen bass than the narrow bore stock tips and spin fit. Haven't tried spiral dots though as i cant find it in my size locally. Hope this helps others who want to lessen the bass impact a bit... And I agree the high in these sparkles without fatigue. Mids is a bit forward not in your face. Soundstage is great also. Hard to go back to neatral after listening to this... Hehe of course this are just my personal impressions...good day all
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2019
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  15. kelvs77
    Haven't heard the novas. But the P2 has deep bass that you can lessen thru tip rolling. I did get the acoustune aet07 to lessen the bass in mine. Other than the bass. The highs are crisp and non harsh even if im treble sensitive. Their mids is a bit forward but not in your face. So vocals stills shine except if the song has too many accompanying instruments that are playing but still palatable to me. Sound stage is wide also. Hope you can audition it yourself. The p2 in a nutshell for me is an exciting listen. I would say it is north of neatral coming close to warm. But still having details and clarity. Hope it helps good day
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