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Campfire Audio all new Polaris

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  1. zombywoof
    I do not have the Polaris2, but I have tried the SpinFit 360 on the Io and they do fit. I use the CP100 regularlly on the Io and Jupiter. I am pretty sure but not 100% certain that they would also fit on the Polaris2 as the sound tube/nozzle geometry looks pretty similar. The internal ribbing (or whatever you call the molded in ridges that grip the earphones) are not identical on the 100 and 360, but the inside diameter is really close...3.8 mm for the 100 and 3.6 mm for the 360. If the CP100 are loose for you, not sure the 360 will be enough of a change.
  2. nekromantik
    hmm true
    which spin fits do you suggest for p2 then?
  3. zombywoof
    I am pretty sure that all the CA IEM's have the same sound tube/nozzle diameter.
    CA IEMs #2.jpg

    As I indicated in my earlier post I use the the Large CP100 SpinFits on the Io, and do not find them to be lose. The sound tube outside diameter is about 5 mm and the CP100 inside diameter is about 3.8 mm so they stretch a bit and seem to stay on pretty well. So, if you hadn't said there were lose on the Polaris2, I would have recommended the CP100.

    The tips I prefer for all my CA IEM's are some cheap double flange silicone tips that are made for the PowerBeats. I think I got them on Amazon a couple years ago.


    These have about an 4 mm inside diameter and stay on pretty well. I think they provide better isolation. I travel for business - mostly by air - and if I can use my CA IEM's on the plane, so much the better. The double flange tips isolate well enough for that. I don't believe they mess with the sound very much...they have a large bore, which I like. It is hard to recommend ear tips. I tried the SpiralDots and Symbios, which a lot of folks recommend, and didn't find either of them to be anything special. (Although, I did like the Symbio W's, I found them uncomfortable after a short time.) So, not much help, right?
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  4. nekromantik
    hmm maybe my older CP100 were loosened by my CA Novas.
    I may try fresh pair.
  5. duaned
    Perfectly normal for Campfire Audio IEM's with dynamic drivers. If you really want to hear some driver flex try inserting their Atlas in your ears.
  6. Omegon
    That's interesting, I pretty much use my Atlas all day every day and I rarely get driver flex haha
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  7. nekromantik
    Would a balanced cable make much difference to the sound on the P2?
  8. jjpricetag
    I really like the sound of the cascade. Would the P2 have similar staging and signature to the cascade?
  9. gazzington
    I was wondering this,or is it to buy the atlas. Cascades are awesome
  10. Jackpot77
    Cascade is more like Atlas tagged than the P2.
  11. Zabens
    I have both and really like them even though the p2 is getting a majority of the workload. The cascade seems a little bit warmer with slightly better mids where the p2 has a little more sparkle up high and digs a little deeper in the bass although not quite as full.
    I have both the P2 and the Cascade and I have to say they are quite different but definitely have the same DNA. I'd say if you like the Cascade you'll also like the Polaris. I find the cascade to be a touch warmer with fuller mids and a little more roll off in the treble. The Polaris seems to dig deeper into sub bass with a quicker response where the Cascade sounds thicker. For me personally I have more fun listening to the Polaris and they get most of my time. (That's also part convenience because summer). The Cascades are my go to every time for movies with the extra large pads and when I want to zone out. I'd say if bass is your thing the Polaris is a great compliment.

    -side note: I'm listening to my Cascades as I write this and I forgot how much I love them.
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  12. jjpricetag
    Thank you for your response.
  13. Zabens
    No problem.bi I thought my first response got deleted . Anyway, if you like the cascade I really think you'll like the polaris but as always ymmv.
  14. Currawong Contributor
    My video review is up:

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  15. B9Scrambler
    Another take on these. They are a fun, bassier upgrade to the original, but not an upgrade in every way.

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